Coronation Street Episode synopses for the week from Monday 14th to Friday 18th November!

This week on Coronation Street, it's a sad day for Chesney as Schmeichel's health deteriorates, Tina isn't blown over by Matt's friends when she meets them for the first time and Lloyd loses his temper with Chris as their rivalry reaches a climax.

Monday 14th November

Episode 1

Chesney is heartbroken as Schmeichel's health deteriorates  and he is forced to make a very tough decision. Lloyd loses his temper with Cheryl and Matt tries to coerce Tina out of her flat as she clashes with Kirsty.

Episode 2

Chesney is heartbroken as he says goodbye to his long term friend. Fiz is given life changing news whilst Tina isn't ready to go down without a fight when she meets Matt's snobby friends as they are on the receiving end of her feisty temper!

Thursday 17th October

Fiz makes a big decision after she lashes out, will she be able to adjust to her life now that she's free? Tommy and Tyrone play a trick on Bryan, will he suspect anything? Michelle and Ciaran consider their future plans as they discuss weddings.

Friday 18th October

Episode 1

Lloyd loses his temper with Chris as their love rivalry comes to a head. Eva gets flirty with Nick but will their flirtation go any further or has someone else caught his eye? Meanwhile, Ciaran makes promises that he knows he isn't able to keep.

Episode 2

Cheryl is shocked to discover Chris' deceits, will she be able to move past what he has done or is this a lie too far? Meanwhile, Nick and Eva grow closer, are they set to become the latest Weatherfield couple? Finally, Ciaran looks set to destroy his and Michelle's happiness, will he flush away the wedding fund?

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