Eastenders episode synopses for the week from Monday 14th to Friday 18th November!

EastendersThis week on Eastenders, Poppy and Jodie aren't speaking but can they reconcile and where do they go from here? Meanwhile, Phil continues to get odd photographs in the post Tamwar and Afia are stuck between a rock and a hard place with their families still at breaking point!

Monday 14th November

Phil begins to get alarmed after he recieves yet another photo in the post as he wonders who is sending these letters to him and what their reason is. However, as he inspects the date on the back of the photo and looks at the face, he is alarmed as he suddenly spots someone familiar. Meanwhile, things are still frosty between Poppy and Jodie and Tamwar and Afia are worried about their parents' relationship coming between them.

Tuesday 15th November

Phil makes it his mission to get to the bottom of the mystery post being sent to him however after confronting Janine who is top of his list of suspects, is he any the wiser as to who is behind the campaign against him? The Moon Brothers get involved in yet more dodgy dealings but will their sale of knock-off goods come back to bite them? Meanwhile, Kim and Kat have a girly night out but full of guilt, Kat decides to come clean to Alfie.

Thursday 17th November

Alfie makes a tough decision in his relationship as he reels from the bombshell dropped by Kat, can the couple move on? Janine goes to see Pat after Phil confronts her asking her for answers however she's not prepared for the secret revealed by Pat. Meanwhile, Phil fears the worst as the post being sent to him plays with his mind.

Friday 18th November

No episode tonight as Children In Need is on!

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