Michael Williams to leave C5 soap 'Neighbours', confirm show bosses!

NeighboursErinsborough principal Michael Williams will depart Ramsay Street in 2012 after nearly two years in Erinsborough. The patriarch played by Sandy Winton who is in charge of Erinsborough High will leave in spring of 2012, nearly two years since his first appearance.

Bosses in Australia have confirmed rumours that the character will be leaving the show which airs over here in the UK on Channel 5. However, despite his exit, his daughter Natasha Williams (Valentina Novakovic) will be sticking around without him fuelling rumours that he will leave in shame after the secrets about Tash's mother come spilling out.

Executive producer for Neighbours, Susan Bower commented: ''The Michael Williams character will be leaving Ramsay Street as part of a significant story coming up in April. Sandy's contribution to the show has been superb, enabling the character to be part of some milestone storylines.''

''Tash will remain in Erinsborough so the Williams name will live on." The latest saga in the Williams family tale has seen Michael panicking after Natasha started asking questions surrounding the death of her mother. Viewers were recently introduced to Tash's glamorous aunt Emilia, played by Freya Stafford. The Williams first appeared on screens in May 2010!