Hollyoaks Episode Synopses for the week from Monday to Friday 11th November!

This week in Chester, as the villagers remember Heidi, Silas' latest albeit unintentional victim, the teenagers worry about their love lives as Bart wrestles with his feelings for Sinead all culminating in an exclusive to E4 episode airing in place of the first look on Thursday evening! Meanwhile, Cheryl is worried after paying Brendan a prison visit.

Monday 7th November

As Hollyoaks tries to cope with the fallout of last week’s events, the sixth-formers determine to bring the village together and pay tribute to the newest victims at the hands of the murderer. Meanwhile, Jason realises that Bart still has feelings for Sinead. Jason urges Bart that if he loves her he needs to tell her. Bart's not sure that matters anymore. He knows Gaz is wrong for Sinead, but he thinks it's too late.  In prison, Brendan determines to take revenge on Warren: an eye for an eye.

Tuesday 8th November

Instead of telling Sinead how he feels, Bart warns Sinead off Gaz. Sinead tells Bart to back off. Little does she know, at that very moment Gaz is with Maddie, telling Maddie that he plans to dump Sinead! Tilly urges Maddie to tell Sinead, but Maddie declines – Sinead didn’t believe her last time, so what’s changed? Student Ash determines the students need to party that Friday but Annalise rejects the idea - It’s her two-year anniversary and she and Rob have plans. Only that’s news to Rob who is now in deep trouble! Loved-up Duncan enjoys his hot relationship with sexy Kelly.

Wednesday 9th November

Sinead sees a man putting a job advert up.  He needs someone to come on tour to sell gig merchandise.  Sinead tells him her boyfriend could do this and 'sells' Gaz to the man. Gaz arrives to dump Sinead but hears the man agreeing to take on Gaz...providing gift-of-the-gab Sinead works for him too.  They’ll both need a passport, the first gig is tomorrow in London then they’re off on a European tour.  Seeing an opportunity to use Sinead to leave town for good, Gaz grabs it – she’s got no friends here, nothing to stay for, what’s she waiting for? Duncan is gutted when Kelly tells him some painful home truths. Cheryl learns that Brendan is denied visitors because he smashed up his cell. Can Brendan survive his prison ordeal?

Thursday 10th November

Sinead tells the sixth-formers she's off - she and Gaz are working at a gig tonight then they’re off on tour. Much to Tilly’s disgust, Maddie has a chance to warn Sinead over Gaz, but declines to do it – she wants Sinead gone. Persuaded to act by Jason, Bart tells her she doesn’t love Gaz, but will stubborn Sinead listen or not? Duncan determines to head abroad to make his fortune.

Special Episode Exclusive to E4 - A Film About Love By Jason Costello - Replacing E4 first look at 7pm is this special episode of Hollyoaks

Jason urges Bart to tell Sinead how he really feels but with her in London with Gaz for the gig it’s a race against time for the young tearaways.  Throughout their adventure Bart is forced to face up to his true feelings but there are so many obstacles in their way, will he make it in time to win back Sinead?

Friday 11th November

As Bart struggles to get into the gig to find Sinead, Tilly warns Maddie that she can stop Sinead making the mistake of her life.  As Bart spots Sinead, Gaz sees Bart and gets him thrown out. Desperate to prove to Sinead that he truly loves her, Bart makes an epic, last ditch attempt to win her back. Back in Chester, the heartbroken Osbornes wave Duncan off as he leaves Hollyoaks to head to Spain!  As he withers in prison a desperate, devastated Brendan weighs up whether to exact revenge on arch enemy Warren or to let his grievances drop.



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