Home And Away Episode Synopses for the week from Monday 7th November to Friday 11th November!

Home And AwayThis week in Summer Bay, Irene hits rock bottom as she struggles to cope with her illness. Meanwhile, Gypsy decides to get back on the dating game but could her new romance be someone in the Bay?

Monday 7th November

Gypsy is excited about dinner with her city beau Mark, despite Lily’s reservations. But when he cancels at the last minute and Gypsy is left drowning her sorrows with only Liam for company, it becomes clear that she may be about to find something - or someone - a little closer to home. Meanwhile, Roo feels conflicted over agreeing to a semi-date with Harvey and so decides to bail out early. Undeterred, Harvey wastes little time asking her out again, this time declaring his intention to bring her flowers every day until she says yes. Convinced that Brax lit the fire at Jake's place, Hammer gives his rival 24 hours in which to hand over his restaurant and leave town, else risk the safety of his family and friends. But Hammer jumps the gun, kidnapping Charlie before the deadline has passed, in the hope of luring Brax and killing them both. Will the couple be able to escape his clutches unscathed?

Tuesday 8th November

In the wake of Hammer’s shooting, Brax and Charlie are interrogated by the police. The ensuing investigation sees Charlie suspended and facing the inevitability of her affair with Brax becoming public knowledge. Meanwhile, the cops have discovered evidence linking Brax to the fire and serve him a search warrant, prompting a distressed Charlie to take leave from the Bay until the situation cools down. Meanwhile, after spotting the pair together at the diner, Bianca encourages Heath to take Darcy to a counsellor. Although initially unsure, when Heath next sees her - after a testing day with a glum and non-responsive Darcy - he relents and takes the counsellor’s number. Elsewhere, Ruby relents to Casey's pleas for a second chance, and Harvey continues to court Roo – delivering bouquet after bouquet of flowers until she finally decides to join him for dinner.

Wednesday 9th November

The police have discovered evidence linking Brax to the fire at Jake's and, during their search of the Braxtons' house, determine Casey as a suspect. Heath is stunned yet impressed to discover he's the culprit, but does little to ease his brother's tension as the investigation gathers pace. Feeling the pressure to come clean, Casey lashes out and turns to Ruby for support. Elsewhere, Sasha is reluctant to work at the diner after Marilyn and Colleen make clear their disapproval. As Sid enlists Roo's help in changing their minds, Indi doesn't fail to notice the spark between them and convinces her dad to give the relationship another chance. Meanwhile, Harvey has already managed to convince Roo to go on another date - a truth it takes him little time to uncover when a mix-up sees him inadvertently walking in on their romantic dinner.

Thursday 10th November

Gina’s fight to keep Summer Bay High open has come to nothing as the board prepare to pull down the site. Determined to make a last stand, April gets the idea to mount a protest and, alongside Dex and Xavier, chains herself to the school gates. With the police soon enough called to the scene, April is arrested for her efforts - but not before she’s successfully delayed the demolition for another day. Meanwhile, Sid returns home dejected after the embarrassing date mix-up with Roo and Harvey, berating Sasha after discovering she was aware of what was likely to happen. Consumed with guilt, Sasha apologises to Roo, who forces her to reconsider her attitude towards Sid. Still struggling with his new business partnership, Romeo is annoyed when Harvey gives him the day off. Alf thinks he’s making a big deal about nothing, pushing Romeo to the realisation that he might just be falling out of love with his job.

Friday 11th November

Following the protest at Summer Bay High, Gina is called into a meeting with Bernard Steiner, the head of the board. Suspicious of Bernard’s agenda to retrieve the school records immediately, Gina and her helpers search through old files in a bid to discover the real reason behind the rushed demolition. Can they find out in time to put a halt to the plans? After Elijah confides in Marilyn that the storm opened his eyes to his feelings for Leah, she tells him that he needs to move on or lose her forever. Realising he needs to talk things through, Elijah decides to pay Leah a visit, little realising that fate is about to deal her and Miles a cruel blow. Meanwhile, Lily makes known both her objections to Gypsy's relationship with Mark and, through spending time with Liam, her preference for her mum to reconsider the alternatives.

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