Neighbours Episode synopses for the week from Monday 7th to Friday 11th November!

NeighboursThis week on Neighbours, as they work on a History Wall, Noah begins to realize that Kate has feelings for someone else. Meanwhile, the Williams family hit breaking point as the secrets come spilling out and Susan tries to take her mind off her private life by joining Paul in protesting against the shopping development.

Monday 7th November

When Emilia turns up at school, Tash is initially hostile towards her, demanding to know why she's come to Erinsborough. However, as they talk and get to know each other, Tash’s hunger for details about her mother lead to the discovery that there is something mysterious about how she died. What is being hidden from her and why? Having been consumed by his work, Toadie feels guilty that he’s been neglecting Callum and decides to take the afternoon off to spend some time with him. But when Callum’s chosen pursuit is the Dragon Prophecy online game, Toadie struggles to see the appeal. The gap between them widens when Toadie witnesses his son with other gamers at a LAN party. Though Lou assures him Callum's interests could be worse, Toadie has grave fears. Is Callum turning into a nerd? Still haunted by visions of his dead wife, Michael's exhaustion is plain to all, and Lucas urges him to take action. But is Michael prepared to risk his secret by confiding in someone?

Tuesday 8th November

While working together on the History Wall, Noah gets the sense that Kate’s heart still belongs to someone else; keen to find out more, he manipulates Sophie into telling him about Brennan. Using this information, Noah presents himself as someone who’s been through a similar heartbreak, surprising Kate with his maturity as she sees him in a fresh light. Is his plan working? Worried that Michael’s been lying to her, Tash needs to find out once and for all the truth about what happened to her mother. With Summer’s help, she searches the hospital for Helena’s medical records, unaware her dad’s there receiving counselling. When Tash discovers this, she worries that she’s to blame for his problems and, knowing now she has to wait until she’s 18 to access the records, resolves to wait just a little while longer. Working with Paul, Susan is soon against the shopping centre development. When Karl discovers this and announces he’s in favour, the tension between the two escalates, bringing an end their pact to keep their separation amicable.

Wednesday 9th November

Kate confides in Noah about Brennan, who sympathetically encourages her to move on, privately hoping it will be with him. Taking Noah’s advice, Kate encourages Lucas to sell Brennan’s bike, accepting she will never see him again. However, when Andrew clocks Kate and Noah’s shared connection, he warns her about getting close to a student who’s clearly interested in her - advice she's clearly reluctant to take. When Toadie learns Lucas is selling Brennan’s bike, he offers to handle the paperwork so as to not arouse suspicions. Sonya, however, is uncomfortable with the plan, struggling with having to hush up the secret she never really wanted to keep. Needing to do something, Sonya decides to plant a memorial tree in Brennan’s honour - only for Callum to catch her in the act.

Thursday 10th November

Despite the ongoing tension between them, Karl and Susan unite to tell a shocked Toadie and Sonya the news of their separation. Already struggling under the weight of keeping the Brennan secret, Sonya vows to support Toadie, assuring him that together they’ll make it through.

However, Callum’s suspicions about Brennan have been piqued, and the tension builds as he begins to come up with fantastic ideas about what might have happened to their one-time neighbour. With Callum’s theories becoming increasingly outlandish, overwhelmed Sonya bursts into tears – and gives the game away. Callum’s rocked by the revelation of Brennan’s death, but for now he has to keep this terrible secret too. Fighting her feelings for Kyle, Jade does her best to avoid him and turns her attentions to Malcolm. After initially provoking Kyle's jealousy, Jade is later left confused and out of her depth when he suddenly appears to have taken the whole thing in his stride. Meanwhile, having noticed her disquiet, Rhys begins to form his own theories on Jade’s strange behaviour.

Friday 11th November

Toadie is stunned to learn that Sonya has shared with Callum the secret of Brennan’s death and, worried for his son, tries to engage with him about how he's feeling. As it becomes clear that holding back the truth is too much to ask of a 14-year-old, Toadie decides to lighten the load - but is he about to tear Kate's world apart in the process? Meanwhile, Chris disengages with VCE exam study, preferring to concentrate on remodelling the latest car he and Andrew have purchased. Andrew and Tash are concerned, aware that Chris needs to improve if he’s to do well in exams and get a decent pass mark for their final year. But, unbeknowst to them both, there’s a deeper reason for Chris’s avoidance…