Coronation Street Episode Synopses for the week from Monday 7th to Friday 11th November!

This week on Coronation Street, John's funeral leads to even more drama as a huge confrontation occurs. Meanwhile, Cheryl struggles to choose between her ex Chris and her current boyfriend Lloyd. Finally, it's a sad day for Chesney as Schmichel's health continues to deteriorate!

Monday 7th November

Episode 1

In the first of tonight's installments of the street, John's funeral leads to an angry confrontation, Chesney gets some bad news from Kirk about his beloved pooch Schmichel, will he have to prepare to say goodbye? Michelle, meanwhile reluctantly returns to an unlikely ally for a bit of help.

Episode 2

Chesney finds it hard to let go of Schmichel whilst aware of how affairs can destroy a relationship, Leanne warns her friend Cheryl away from getting too involved with ex Chris. Finally, Michelle begins to feel more contented in her life.

Thursday 10th November

Cheryl finds it hard to choose between the two men in her life, who is she destined to be with, her ex Chris or her current  boyfriend Lloyd? Lloyd begins to suspect that Chris is lying about how serious his illness is whilst Chesney tries to save the life of his dog but what measures will he go to?

Friday 11th November

Episode 1

Chris has some bad news for Lloyd. Meanwhile, Eileen and Paul's 'friendship' is put to the test, can they really just remain friends or do they still have feelings for one another? Finally, Chesney is caught red handed but what can he do if anything to help his sick dog Schmichel?

Episode 2

Cheryl betrays Lloyd leaving him heartbroken, can he get over what she's done? Katy and Chesney crack as the pressure gets too much for them to bear, what will they do? Julie continues to stand by her man as Bryan is ridiculed by the neighbours.