Emmerdale Episode Synopses for the week from Monday 7th to Friday 11th November!

This week on Emmerdale, Declan is devastated as he receives some sad news about Mia, Andy doesn't feel comfortable living a lie and Moira's fling with Cain continues to lead to her having to lie to her husband and her family, how much longer can she continue like this before her conscience kicks in?

Monday 7th November

Debbie  begins to worry if her history will count against her chances of getting some help for Sarah, can her fears be relayed or is she right to be concerned? Nikhil promises not to interfere in Gennie's life whilst Declan finally agrees to meet Mia, as he starts to get excited about catching up with her, will some tragic news stop him in his tracks?

Tuesday 8th November

Declan is devastated as he hears some very bad news, with the bombshell affecting some of his fellow villagers, will he be able to pick himself up to tell who he needs to tell? Andy doesn't feel comfortable with the lies he's having to tell the rest of the village. Meanwhile, Jai decides he ought to stand up to Declan but has he picked a bad time?

Wednesday 9th November

Living on the edge with Cain sees Moira nearly caught in the act, will anyone find out about her affair or will she be able to keep it under wraps for now? Katie is stunned to learn of Declan's news, can she support him at this very difficult time or will it signal the end of their relationship? Finally, Ali's ex-husband Dan tries to win her back.

Thursday 10th November

Episode 1

Moira tries to put her affair with Cain behind her and to move on with her life but will she be able to give up Cain that easily?  Declan doesn't react well when he hears that Katie has told people the news about Mia, will it put a strain on their relationship? Meanwhile, Rachel feels caught in the middle between Dan and Ali.

Episode 2

Moira is devastated when John learns about her and Cain, can she save her marriage? Meanwhile, Rachel clashes with Marlon and gives him a stark warning, what is this all about? Finally, Ashley is shocked to learn that Sandy doesn't trust Laurel, could his father be right?

Friday 11th November

On the final visit to Hotten this week, Sandy's words ring in Ashley's ears causing him to keep an eye on his wife, is she tempted to stray or is Ashley just paranoid? Moira is heartbroken when John ignores her, will she able to salvage what is left of her marriage or has Cain destroyed yet another once-strong relationship? Ali isn't too pleased as Dan still puts a strain on her family life.

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