Michael Williams to collapse in forthcoming storyline on C5 soap 'Neighbours'!

NeighboursNeighbours headmaster Michael Williams will collapse in front of pupil Summer Hoyland (Jordy Lucas) after he catches her cheating on an exam. The Erinsborough teacher will pass out in the heat of the moment as he confronts the student having discovered her trying to cheat.

Upcoming scenes will see Summer cheating on her test as she views pre-prepared notes on her mobile phone so she can pass the test and get int0 journalism school. After discovering Summer's ploy to pass her test through unfair means, Michael prepares to confront her but he suddenly passes out as he tells her off.

The incident comes as Natasha finally finds out the truth about her dead mother leaving Michael under pressure. Jordy Lucas told TV Week: ''She's just a perfectionist and she wants so badly to get into the course. She knows Michael's been going through a lot of stress with Tash finding out about her mum's death, but at that moment, Summer feels like, 'I'm the straw that broke the camel's back'."

The dramatic incident will leave Summer wondering if she'll face the consequences of her actions. The scenes air later this year on Channel 5.