'Coronation Street' episode synopses for the week from Monday 31st October to Tuesday 4th November!

This week on Coronation Street, Fiz awaits on the big decision but will John be the one who stops her from being sentenced for his crimes? Meanwhile, Michelle leads a revolt against Frank Foster and Cheryl has to face her feelings for ex-husband Chris.

Monday 31st November

Episode 1

Fiz awaits the decision in court but could John's deathbed confession be enough to clear her from all charges? Meanwhile, Carla is finding herself up against former fiancée Frank when he steals her clients by offering them better deals and Julie and Bryan secure a love nest.

Episode 2

Fiz is forced to make future plans when she is told of the judge's decision, is she finally free from jail? Cheryl is forced to face the facts when Russ informs her that Chris told him that he and Cheryl were getting back together, will she confess her feelings for him? Elsewhere at Underworld, Carla gets the upper hand as she manages to claw back the client that Frank stole.

Thursday 3rd November

Carla's day goes from bad to worse after she realises that she has a cash flow problem and as the factory girls are none too pleased, she fires them all to the delight of Frank who tries to recruit them for his business. Elsewhere, Michelle and Ciaran return to the Street with exciting news but are shocked to discover how bad the situation is with Frank.

Friday 4th November

Episode 1

Michelle takes charge of the factory encouraging Carla to take a short break to LA but telling her she has to be back soon as she's getting married in the Bahamas in two weeks. With Michelle at the helm, she soon storms round to Frank's factory and berates him, telling the girls that the Underworld factory is back in business. Will they join her or has Frank got them under control?

Episode 2

Michelle realizes that she's bitten off more than she can chew as she examines the accounts but with Izzy and Julie onboard, she convinces the workers to stay overnight to get one of the client's orders covered. Meanwhile, Michelle's parents aren't pleased to hear that she's getting married abroad and Lloyd and Chris go to a poker night together.

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