Hollyoaks Episode Synopses for the week from Monday 24th October to Friday 28th October!

This week on Hollyoaks, Silas plays a wicked game as he challenges Lynsey to figure out who his next intended victim is. But who is on his hit list. Amy? Mercedes? Theresa? Lynsey herself? Or is someone else his next victim?

Monday 24th October

Friendless Lynsey cuts a lonely figure in the Village. Then Silas sets a terrifying game - Lynsey has until midnight on Halloween to identify his next victim. If she works it out, he’ll hand himself in, if Lynsey fails another girl dies.  Lee admits to Amy that he’s given up his New York dream but can he or Amy live with it? Sinead begins to doubt her feelings for Gaz while Maddie reminds her friend she’s onto a good thing but is Sinead still in love with Bart?

Tuesday 25th October

Amy struggles to accept that Lee has given up his dream for her but can she persuade him to reconsider? Lynsey confides in Doug about Silas’s twisted game but will he believe her? Meanwhile, his newest hostage, pregnant Mercedes struggles in the vault alone and scared, she’s frightened of Silas’ plans. Rob and Annalise’s lovers-tiff leaves their friends stuck in the middle while Will and Theresa attempts at an evening alone together are thwarted.

Wednesday 26th October

Lynsey desperately tries to make sense of Silas’s new clue and wonders if Texas or Theresa are his intended victim. Rob and Annalise kiss and make-up, inadvertently upsetting poor Will and Theresa’s attempts at some time alone.  Michaela and Ste try to cheer up a devastated Amy who tries to distract herself from yesterday’s events. Heavily pregnant Mercedes struggles, tied up in the vault but Silas isn’t about to play nice.

Thursday 27th October

The clock is ticking to Halloween and a desperate Lynsey can’t work out who Silas’s next victim is… A horrifying encounter with the serial killer leaves her shaken but determined to find out who is next she continues with Silas’ sick game. His new clue sets up some of Hollyoaks favourite characters and time is running out… Will and Theresa finally get to spend an evening alone together while Scott and Dodger bet on getting with Texas first.

Friday 28th October

It’s Fright Night at Chez Chez and all of Hollyoaks old and new characters have gathered to celebrate in fancy dress which only leaves Lynsey in an utter panic about who could be Silas’ next victim… He ramps up the terror dressed as the grim reaper while Doug panics and tells Ethan about Silas’ game with Lynsey.   Lynsey’s behavior at the party is so erratic that no one believes her and she decides it’s no use and goes home but is someone following her?  Meanwhile, Texas discovers a bet between Scott and Dodger and has her revenge!  Still tied up and as midnight draws Mercedes health deteriorates – could she be the victim Lynsey was supposed to save?

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