Neighbours Episode Synopses for the week from Monday 24th October to Friday 28th October!

NeighboursThis week on Neighbours, the new cleaner is setting tongues wagging, Toadie's work affects his relationship with Sonya and Andrew unintentionally gets his friend Chris into a spot of bother. View the synopses below:

Monday 24th October

It’s the day of Sonya’s party, and although Toadie’s busy at work he promises to be there in time for the party. But he’s unaware that Paul is planning a final move to halt the development once and for all – one that will force Toadie to choose between his family and his career. Meanwhile, Jade fumes when she realises the new cleaner has ruined her outfit for Sonya’s party - and things get worse when, following an argument between the pair, she accidentally locks herself in the laundry...

Tuesday 25th October

Forced to leave Sonya’s birthday party early, Toadie struggles to focus on his work. Realising his job with Simmons and Colbert is on shaky ground, Toadie promises to find a way to stop Paul standing in the way of the development. Worried that Sonya will lose her nursery if can't save his job, Toadie jumps on Malcom's idea to find another area for the centre's car park. But then he's faced with a whole new dilemma. Meanwhile, Chris avoids making a decision about his future, by focusing on helping Andrew find the car he promised Erik. But when Chris gets his stories mixed up and Erik demands his money back, he fears he’s blown it. Andrew refuses to give up, promising Erik he can pick up his car from the garage that afternoon despite not having yet found one. Can he turn his fortunes around?

Wednesday 26th October

Despite being torn about his solution, Toadie is disappointed when Sonya doesn’t support him. Although he makes it clear he doesn’t have any other choice, Sonya pleads with him to find one, not wanting to drag their friends even further into this. Out of options, Toadie does his best to satisfy everyone by ensuring Lucas, Lou, Kyle and the other businesses will receive the best possible offers. Touched by his efforts to keep everyone happy, Sonya promises her support. Nervous Tash practices what to say to her aunt; however, fearing rejection, she can’t bring herself to actually do it. Chris manages to convince her to take the plunge, but when she’s reminded this could damage her relationship with her father, Tash has second thoughts. Eventually realising she’ll never know about her mother if she doesn’t, Tash arranges to meet her aunt – but will her plan backfire? Seeing Sonya’s concern that she and Toadie are becoming social pariahs, Jade encourages her to stop worrying about everyone else and focus on herself. Sonya does so, and when Callum offers his blessing to her plans for expanding the family, she questions why she’s waiting. Confident they’ll soon be able to focus on themselves, Sonya puts the offer to Toadie. But with everything he has on his plate right now, will he agree?

Thursday 27th October

Sensitive to Sophie’s heartbreak, Kate allows her to pull out of the history wall project, despite her need for volunteers. When Sophie realises she’s letting Kate down, she turns up to help anyway, trying to put her feelings for Noah behind her. But when Sophie's led to believe that Noah’s crush is on Summer, she can’t help feeling hurt and, frustrated she’s seen as so young and innocent, takes off. Worried, Kate searches for her and is relieved to find her at home – until she discovers Sophie is now sporting a nose ring. Taken aback by her rebellion, Kate orders her to take it out and, when Sophie refuses, blurts out that she knows about her crush on Noah. Has Kate further embarrassed her little sister and only made things worse? Sonya tells Toadie on why she wants to scrap their three-year plan and, touched by her argument, he agrees. However, upon admitting his concerns about his job security, Sonya agrees they won’t start trying for a baby until his contract is extended. When Sonya learns because of her history she should start preparing her body as soon as possible, she stops her birth control.

Friday 28th October

Tash is forced to get creative in an attempt to finally meet her aunt, and when Michael inadvertently discovers her plans he worries it may be too late to stop her. Having come so far, will Tash finally learn the truth about her mother? Sophie denies having a crush on Noah, determined to prove she’s old enough to look after herself. Realising that Noah’s never going to reciprocate her feelings, disappointed Sophie keeps her sister at arm's length. But Kate finds support from an unlikely source. Worried he won’t approve, Andrew unsuccessfully tries to keep from Paul the truth about his used car scheme. However, to Andrew’s surprise, Paul's response is not what he expects.

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