Home And Away Episode Synopses for the week from Monday 24th October to Friday 28th October!

Home And AwayHome And Away this week is set to be unmissable telly as a storm hits Summer Bay and nobody is safe! After a week of destruction, one person will die but who will kick the bucket? And will Summer Bay ever recover from the destruction?

Monday 24th October

Having taken on extra shifts at the diner to cover Irene’s sudden disappearance, Leah becomes suspicious that April is hiding something. When Irene eventually returns home and is pressed for answers, she reluctantly decides to reveal to Leah her cancer diagnosis. As she struggles to decide between treatment options, Irene takes her friend's advice and approaches Marilyn to discuss her own experiences. Meanwhile, Xavier is juggling his studies and caring for John, who is couch-ridden following his ankle injury. After John learns a severe storm front is approaching Summer Bay, he gives Xavier his mobile and instructs him to close the beach. However, when John wakes from a nap, it appears he has been ignoring all the wrong warning signs when he collapses on the floor in severe pain. The Walkers are trying hard to break the ice with Sasha, and plan a quiet family night in with DVDs. When Sid, Indi and Dex go out to prepare the property for the storm, Sasha receives a phone call and sneaks off. Ignoring Xavier’s attempt to close the beach, Sasha continues on to find her half-brother Felix, who has run away from home. When Sasha learns Felix is being bullied by his half-brothers, she promises to get a job and save for a house so they can be reunited. Tension is running high between Romeo and Indi, after he confesses to her that he and Alf were responsible for sinking Harvey’s mooring. Romeo is offered the chance of a lifetime when Roo organises for him to take Dennis Harling and two investors out to look at the resort site. But Alf puts an end to Romeo’s second chance when, with the storm brewing, he refuses him permission to use the Blaxland.

Tuesday 25th October

Following Romeo's decision to knock back Dennis's charter job, Harvey steps in to take over. But as the storm takes hold and the boat takes a hit, Romeo and Alf are faced with a gruelling rescue attempt, navigating treacherous conditions in a bid to find Roo, Harvey, Dennis and investors. When they locate everyone except Harvey, it's down to Romeo to remain behind and continue the mission. Meanwhile, the Walkers face a search of their own following Sasha's sudden disappearance. When Sid is called to the hospital, Dex and April move on to the Surf Club, where Xavier informs them that he last saw Sasha heading down to the beach. Elsewhere, John’s condition deteriorates as he reaches for the phone to call for help only to learn that the power has been cut in the storm. His fortunes appear to change when, having found refuge in Gina's house, Sasha and Felix find him collapsed on the floor and call for an ambulance - but it isn't long before Sid's long-lost daughter falls faul of Xavier, who finds her attempting to loot the house.

Wednesday 26th October

As she battens down the hatches at the diner, the storm becomes the least of Leah's worries as first VJ disappears from the school and then she suffers a scare with her pregnancy. Meanwhile, Romeo locates Harvey and manages to get him into the car, only to be stopped by a fallen tree. The situation goes from bad to worse when their vehicle gets bogged down dangerously close to a cliff face. Will they manage to get home unscathed? Elsewhere, the choice of the school as an evacuation centre turns out to be disastrous when the roof collapses, trapping Bianca and Heath.

Thursday 27th October

Following the school’s roof collapse, Alf heads over to assist the SES with the rescue. Bianca and Heath are missing under the rubble and so too is Colleen. Marilyn hears the news and heads to the school; there, much to her embarrassment, Colleen is found, having been trapped in the toilet. Liam anxiously awaits news on Bianca, but his relief at her rescue is short-lived when he sees Heath comforting her. Once Bianca has been discharged from hospital and is back at the Beach House, Liam confronts her, only for her to dash all hopes of a reunion. Elijah and VJ make it to the school in time to find Miles, and inform him of Leah’s situation. He rushes to meet Leah at the hospital, where after a tense wait the couple's nightmare comes to an end when an examination reveals the the baby is safe and sound. Elsewhere, Charlie is called out to attend a car accident, only to find the victim is Tegan and that young Darcy is missing. As Charlie waits for help to arrive, Tegan attempts to bridge a gap over their mutual love for Brax. Meanwhile, Brax spots Darcy all alone in the bush and soon after arrives at the accident site just in time to see Tegan being carried into an ambulance. As she's rushed to surgery, just one question remains: will Tegan survive?

Friday 28th October

As Irene prepares to leave for the hospital, she is thrown by the surprise arrival of Gypsy and Lily, who have showed up to support her through her treatment. When Bianca arrives home to meet their house guests, she is shocked to learn that Irene has been keeping her cancer diagnosis from her. Meanwhile, at the diner, Liam runs into April, who gives him a lecture over his berating Bianca about Heath. April suggests that Liam does everyone a favour by giving his ex the space she needs. Stung, Liam later pens a letter and leaves it with Gypsy, who delivers it to Bianca at the hospital. Elsewhere, Hammer turns up and gives Brax a stern warning that the next time he sees him, both he and Charlie will be dead. When Brax spots Hammer’s car speeding through Summer Bay, he instantly takes off in search of Charlie. Having found her out jogging, he gets to her just in time to tackle her to the ground in front of the car, but it's too late: a shot has been fired from Hammer’s car, and the bullet hits Charlie in the shoulder. Summer Bay residents come to terms with the death as their loved ones struggle to take in the news.


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