Eastenders Episode Synopses for the week from Monday 24th to Friday 28th October!

EastendersThis week on Eastenders, Syed continues to go behind Christian's back but how long is it before he finds out? Meanwhile, Janine gets ready for the big opening day and Lola sees an opportunity to make money but has Roxy got her number? See the synopses below:

Monday 24th October

In today's visit to the Square, as Syed continues to see Yasmin unbeknownst to Christian, will Ben reveal all to Christian after he spots Syed with his daughter? Meanwhile, Lauren and Tyler try to keep the events of last night on the down low and Roxy catches Lola trying to swindle her.

Tuesday 25th October

Spiteful Ben tries to stir things up between Christian and Syed in today's visit to Albert Square. Fatboy tries to pluck up the courage to let Whitney know how he feels but can Dot step in and help? Finally, Pat allows Norman to stay after she sees him bonding with Liam.

Thursday 27th October

Patrick grows suspicious of Norman after he hears that he's helping Pat with her finances whilst it's the opening of Butcher's Joints and Michael helps save the day for a grateful Janine. Zainab is shocked to find out that she's a grandmother as she returns to Walford with Yusef and incensed at Amira's presence, Yusef plants doubts in Christian's mind as to the paternity of the baby.

Friday 28th October

Janine is pleasantly surprised when someone throws her a birthday party. Over with the Masoods, Christian decides to do something as he feels increasingly put out by Syed and Amira and Yusef's meddling takes its' toll on him. Meanwhile, Anthony tries to help Jodie and Poppy.

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