Hollyoaks Episode Synopses for the week from Monday 17th to Friday 21st October!

This week, it's all going on in Hollyoaks as Riley and Mercedes' big day arrives but with the best man knowing all about Mercedes' affair with Carl and Warren intent on revenge never mind Silas' murdering mind, will the day go ahead without a hitch?

Monday 17th October

The big day finally arrives and Riley can’t wait to make Mercedes his wife, blissfully unaware of her dirty, little secret. Jacqui wants Mercedes to come clean, whilst Doug wants Seth to tell Riley everything. Warren threatens to kill Doug if the secret comes out, but a valiant Doug puts his friend before himself and races to the wedding… Will the happy couple make it down the aisle or will someone tear their love apart?

Tuesday 18th October

The events of the wedding leave some of the guests riddled with guilt while Warren is on the warpath and determines to make Brendan sell him half his share of ChezChez…whatever it takes!

Wednesday 19th October

Silas decides to teach someone a lesson and after some soul searching, Amy decides to move to New York with Lee, but Ste presumes the kids will be staying in Hollyoaks – how can Amy break the news to him? And when Brendan refuses to sell the club to Warren, he applies some more pressure.

Thursday 20th October

Ash finds herself enjoying a quickie with an unlikely lothario while Maddie takes Bart for a night out to cheer him up over Sinead.  Amy builds up the courage to tell Ste she’s taking the kids to New York, but Ste isn’t letting them go anywhere.

Friday 21st October

Lynsey’s left cold as Silas warns her he’s planning something devilishly dark for Halloween, whilst Mercedes receives some terrifying news… Elsewhere, Ste finally agrees to let Amy take the kids to New York, but when Lee sees how crushed Ste is, he wonders if he can really go through with it…

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