Home and Away Episode Synopses for the week from Monday 17th to Friday 21st October!

Home And AwayIn this week's goings on in Summer Bay, Irene struggles to cope with her shocking health problems, the River Boys continue to cause mayhem for all the residents and Bianca and Liam clash. Take a little peek at the spoilers below.

Monday 17th October

Following a chat with Bianca, Heath finds Liam at the Surf Club and can't resist broaching the subject of the break-up. When Liam confronts her, Bianca demands space, so Liam decides to give her exactly what she wants: as far as he's concerned, they're done. In the wake of Heath’s bashing at the hands of Jake’s gang, the River Boys are set on revenge. Having warned them against making the first move, Brax is left infuriated when Heath and Stu spark a gang war by trashing Hammer's car.  Elsewhere, after an anxious wait for the results of her biopsy, Irene's worst fears are realised when she receives her diagnosis: she has breast cancer.

Tuesday 18th October

April comes home from school to hear Irene sobbing in the bathroom. Worried, she snoops through Irene’s purse and discovers her oncologist's business card. When confronted, Irene confesses she has breast cancer but pleads for April's silence. When Bianca discovers that Brax has offered him work, she implores Liam to reconsider, certain that as a recovering addict he'd be making a mistake. But Liam tells her to stay out of his affairs, gladly accepting a job at Angelo's. Heath finds his burnt-out mustang, imploring Brax to rally the River Boys and hit back at Jake’s gang. Worried for his safety as his older brothers prepare for a face-off, Casey carries a flick knife to school and, after getting caught, leaves Miles no choice but to report him to the police. By now suspecting the impending beach fight, Charlie arrives just in time to break it up. But Hammer's gang gets the last word as Brax and Heath return home to find Stu outside their place, having had his River Boy tattoo crudely removed.

Wednesday 19th October

As Sid prepares to meet his estranged daughter Sasha, Dex and Indi insist they come along. But before they get a chance to plead their case, Sid gets an urgent call from the hospital. After being forced to reschedule, Sid is confronted by Sasha, who’s less than impressed at being fobbed off. Later, when Sid takes Sasha home to meet Dex and Indi it’s clear there’s some work to be done to get Sasha on side. In the wake of Stu’s attack, Brax and Heath plan their revenge against Jake’s crew. Later, as they come face to face, the resulting brawl between the two gangs results in not only the Surf Club being wrecked but also John getting caught in the fray. Charlie arrests Brax, as well as every last one of the gang members at the club. Meanwhile, Irene is put in an uncomfortable position when Leah asks if she can cut down her shifts at the diner, meaning that she'll need to step up her own hours despite her health problems. In a desperate attempt to keep secret her cancer diagnosis, Irene decides to take off for a while - but not before Leah has begun to suspect that there's something very serious going on.

Thursday 20th October

Following the brawl between the River Boys and Jake’s gang, Gina contacts Xavier about John’s injury and, making it clear she wants him to come home, leaves him to quietly consider his options. While working on the farm, Xavier cuts his hand, and as Rhonda patches him up she asks him earnestly about his future. Xavier starts to think he might be missing home and, despite his earlier assurances, confesses to Kelly that it's time for him to leave. Now that she’s taken up residence at the Walker’s, Sasha is determined to get a job immediately. When she arrives at the Surf Club, Romeo helps put her in contact with Marilyn, in a bid to help her find hairdressing work. Clearly smitten, Sasha openly flirts with Romeo, only to be left mortified when he arrives at the Walkers later that evening and is introduced to her as Indi's husband.

Friday 21st October

When Casey fails to show up for class and she then finds out about the incident with the flick knife, a furious Gina visits the Braxtons' place to tell him he's expelled. Shocked by her decision, Miles challenges Gina, suggesting she's been influenced by her concerns for her own son. It's only when Xavier later returns home that Gina is inspired to give Casey a second chance - but will he be willing to take it? Sid reluctantly explains to Sasha that the fact of his being her estranged daughter may prove a sensitive subject for some people; they'll need to tread carefully. Feeling like a dirty little secret, Sasha finds solace in the church, where she opens up to Elijah about her late mother and the troubles she's having in her new home. Meanwhile, Sid breaks the news to Marilyn, who simply wants to help. When Elijah later introduces them to one another, Marilyn unsuccessfully tries to steer Sasha away from Roo, for fear of Sid’s secret being revealed. When Roo offers to take Sasha to the diner to help her find work the pair bond over father issues, until they inadvertently bump into Sid. Elsewhere, Alf and Romeo have lost their appeal to retain their mooring, which they discover in legal terms never officially existed. When they learn that Harvey is next in line to take over the mooring, they decide to sink it, but their celebrations are cut short with the publication of the local paper.

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