Eastenders Episode Synopses for the week from Monday 17th to Friday 21st October!

EastendersThis week on Eastenders, Kat struggles to cope following the dramatic events of the previous week, Syed goes behind Christian's back to have a visit with his baby daughter and Ian tries his luck with cheeky Mandy. Have a look at the synopses for the upcoming week below:

Monday 17th October

Kat is riddled with guilt and she doesn't feel any better when she sees Mark lurking around The Queen Vic, can she get rid of him? Ian tries to hook up with Mandy whilst Fatboy struggles to see Whitney with Tyler. Meanwhile, Amira brings baby Yasmin to visit a delighted Masood and Tamwar but when Christian and Syed turn up, a furious Amira tells Syed she won't allow him to see the child if Christian comes.

Tuesday 18th October

Syed has a secret visit with his daughter but how long can he keep his secret meetings with Yasmin from Christian for? Mandy's childish actions have massive consequences as she damages Ian's car. Kat recieves a phone class that makes her panic and Tyler pulls out all the stops to impress Whitney but will her trouble with past tragedies ruin any chance of love?

Thursday 20th October

Pat is shocked when she recieves news. Ian isn't happy with Mandy but can he forgive and forget or has she went a step too far? Tanya relies on Lauren as her radiotherapy takes its toll. Whitney is shocked to hear what Tyler really thinks of her after she pays him a visit to apologize for the events of the night before.

Friday 21st October

Lauren calls on an old face to help Tanya when she realizes that her mother isn't coping. Lauren ends up in a compromising situation with Tyler after she decides to let her hair down. Whitney begins to consider dating Fatboy to his delight but will she reconsider going from friend to his girlfriend? Syed begins to suspect that Ben fancies Christian and Pat reveals her worries to Norman.

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