We look ahead to the upcoming 'Hollyoaks' wedding by revealing all the characters hiding secrets!

Wedding fever is hitting Hollyoaks next week as Mercedes and Riley's nuptials finally arrive but as displayed by the cracking promo, any range of characters could be set to tear their relationship apart. We take a look at the secrets hidden and the various characters keeping them:

Seth Costello (played by Miles Higson)

Poor old Riley, he may think that his wife Mercedes McQueen (Jennifer Metcalfe) is the best thing since sliced bread but as little bro Seth is fully aware, she's previously been getting up to all sorts with his dad! Yes, naughty Carl Costello (Paul Opacic) has been shacking up with his future daughter-in-law and may even be the father of her baby and Seth knows all but will he spill?

Doug Carter (played by PJ Brennan)

American backpacker Doug may be the best man but he won't be the best man in Riley's eyes if he drops the cobbler that Mercedes has been shacking up with Daddy Costello. Yes, he also knows all about her affair but with him not having the family loyalty that Seth is stuck with, would he be the one who could reveal everything?


Warren Fox and Mitzeee Minniver (played by Jamie Lomas and Rachel Shenton)

Posh and Becks they aren't but bad boy Warren and Mitzeee, the cousin of Riley's mum Heidi (Kim Tiddy) are as much in the know as Seth and Doug and with Warren intent on revenge after the dramatic events of Hollyoaks Later, if anyone is likely to reveal the big secret, it's not too hard to believe that Warren could be the man to do that especially as he's already blackmailed Carl.

Silas Blissett (played by Jeff Rawle)

Cute cuddly grandad Silas isn't cute or cuddly, he's actually a murderer! And although we know that he's as much in the dark about the affair as Riley and Heidi, with Mercedes having reached his hit list already, surely all he needs to do is hear a sniff of the affair before he's readying the rope. All we'll say is that we're hoping that Mercedes doesn't find herself in a room on her own with theĀ murderousĀ OAP!

Wildcards: They're both aware of the affair but could Mercedes' mum Myra (Nicole Barber-Lane) or sister Jacqui McQueen (Claire Cooper) reveal all about the secret liason or will their family ties also prevent them from spilling all the details.

Will the secret be revealed or will all of the above candidates behave? Well to see the wedding drama, don't miss Hollyoaks all next week at 6:3opm on C4!



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