New 'Underworld' factory recruit on ITV1 soap 'Coronation Street' is announcedQ

Coronation Street is set to get a new factory recruit in the coming months as Steve Mc Donald's old flame  Beth gets a job in Underworld factory. Beth, played by Lisa George who previously made a brief appearance in August will return after she lands a job in the Weatherfield factory.

Beth first appeared after she agreed to a date with Steve at Nick's Bistro but he was dismayed to see that she had changed a lot since he last saw her with the date ending in Steve and his date being kicked out by Nick (Ben Price) after she got into a heated argument with Steve's ex-wife Becky Mc Donald (Katherine Kelly). have revealed that Beth is set to get a job in the factory where she will get involved in some of the dramas. Lisa previously portrayed a number of minor characters on the show in 1997, 2005 and 2007.