Home And Away Episode Synopses for the week from Monday 10th October to Friday 14th October!

Home And AwayThis week in Home And Away, Heath is causing trouble upon his release, Gina and Xavier clash as he moves in with Kelly and the River Boys are still embroiled in a number of illegal activities. Here are the synopses below:

Monday 10th October

Heath walks out of jail, and into Angelo’s to witness Charlie and Brax in a steamy embrace. Now aware that it was Brax who sold him out to the cops, Heath initially declares they're no longer brothers. But he's forced to reconsider his stance when, having turned witness on Jake in exchange for early release, the gang war is reignited and he realises he needs Brax's help. Meanwhile, Gina struggles with Xavier's decision to give up his HSC in order to move to the farm with Kelly, and Charlie decides to face the music by informing her boss of her compromising relationship.

Tuesday 11th October

Although Brax warns him to stay away from Hammer's crew following the bashing, Heath learns that Tegan has gone back to Jake and becomes even more determined to seek them out. When Brax makes it clear he won’t be around to clean up his mess, Heath threatens to reveal to the cops the truth about his relationship with Charlie. Meanwhile, Xavier is like a fish out of water over at Kelly’s farm, and Mrs O'Mara is doing little to make him feel welcome. Kelly defends her mother's behaviour, explaining the pressure she's faced with first the loss of her husband and then Dean's arrest, but Xavier is in doubt that life in his new home is going to be far from easy. Elsewhere, Charlie confesses her relationship with Brax to Inspector Joyce, but he allows her to remain on their case. When she informs Brax of this outcome, he is angry that she has once again chosen her job over him.

Wednesday 12th October

Sid meets with a solicitor, who informs him that he has a daughter, Sasha, from a previous relationship. Her mother, Regina, has recently passed away, and Sid is forced to consider whether or not he is willing to play a role in her life. Dex comes home to find his dad has drowned a bottle of liquor and passed out on the couch, so he goes out on a limb and calls Roo for help. When the council rejects his and Alf's mooring application, Romeo turns to Sid to ask for a loan to help them pay the rent. Already annoyed at having been kept in the dark, Indi is further frustrated by the fact of their living arrangements; after Dex tells her about Sid feeling depressed, she asks Romeo if they can move back into the Farm House. Elsewhere, after a chat with Leah, Gina realises that she needs to let Xavier make his own decisions, and decides against trying to convince him to return home.

Thursday 13th October

Indi and Romeo inform Sid of their decision to move back in, but his reaction is not what they expected. Although Indi is happy to be home, it's clear that Romeo feels a little more like an outsider in the Walker residence. Sid is still struggling with the news of his other daughter and has taken residence on the couch. Dex and Indi have had enough of his behaviour, forcing Sid to go and apologise to Roo for his actions the night before. He instead finds Elijah and decides to confide in him about the news he has another daughter. Off the back of his talk with Elijah, Sid breaks the news to Indi, Romeo and Dex. After much discussion the kids inform Sid that they want to meet Sasha. When Bianca attends her first counselling session, the conversation turns towards her relationship with Liam. The counsellor draws her attention to the fact that she and Liam were already having problems before the attack and perhaps they never addressed them. After her session, Liam finds Bianca on the beach, where she reveals she's come to a decision about their future together.

Friday 14th October

Liam runs into April after his and Bianca's break-up discussion, and expresses his shock. Liam confronts Bianca’s counsellor about what it is he said to provoke the move. Given no answers, he storms out and instead tries to talk some sense into Bianca, who insists that the decision was her own. After Sid finally apologises for his behaviour, Roo makes it clear she is concerned for whatever he is going through. When Elijah questions him about their talk, he advises that Sid tell Roo the truth about Sasha. But when Roo later pops over to reach out to him, Sid puts up his guard and tells her that, since she decided to leave him, his troubles should no longer concern her. Elijah has organised a bridal hair appointment for Marilyn. In the middle of their appointment, Marilyn unknowingly plants some seeds of doubt about marriage into the bride’s head. Just as Leah is finalising the catering numbers, the bride informs Leah the wedding is off. It appears Marilyn’s advice left a lasting impression. Concerned Bianca has been rash calling things off with Liam, Irene invites to take Bianca to dinner to take her mind off him; however, while getting ready, Irene finds a lump on her breast.