Neighbours Episode Synopses for the week from Monday 10th to Friday 14th October!

NeighboursMichael and Natasha's relationship begins to change for the better in this week's Neighbours. Meanwhile, Chris has a hard time following his experience of homophobia and Sophie changes her image to try and impress Noah but is he interested?

Monday 10th October

Tash and Michael’s relationship is better than ever, even though he feels guilty about lying to her. But when a work distraction makes Michael careless, Tash stumbles across the photo of her family at the seaside. Confused, she doesn’t know what to make of it, but she's certain that she finally needs answers about her connection to the beach. When Andrew learns Chris has left his job at the garage, he assumes it’s down to his unsupportive father - only for Lucas to tell him what really happened. When confronted, Chris opens up to Andrew and shares how difficult things are for him but insists that only he alone can deal with it. Determined to make amends, Andrew confronts Lucas on Chris’s behalf. Suspecting Noah’s pulling away from her, Sophie looks for a way to reconnect with him, prepared to take any measures necessary - including trading away the best present she’s ever been given.

Tuesday 11th October

Lucas extends an apology to Chris but is left confused and annoyed when he refuses to accept it. Washing his hands of him, Lucas tries to move on, declaring he’s no loss to the business. Sonya sees through the facade, challenging him to admit that he actually cares about Chris as not only an employee but also a friend. After inititally refusing to acknowledge her point, Lucas is forced to reconsider when he instinctively stands up to Chris's dad on his behalf. Unwilling to tell Tash the truth, Michael appears to placate her with his lies about the photo. But Summer pushes her friend, believing she’s needlessly made a choice between her parents. Encouraged, Tash begins to go through old boxes, but she only finds things that connect her and her dad, and realises that’s all she needs. Summer doesn’t understand Tash's reaction and, misguided, believes she simply needs to find the right connection in order to change her mind. As she starts to dig deeper into the past, is Summer about to uncover Michael’s terrible secret?

Wednesday 12th October

Desperate to spend time with Noah, Sophie arranges to trade her guitar for a bass. She keeps her plans secret from Kate, who agrees to let her join his collective. However, there's one hitch: Sophie must switch guitars by 4pm, and she can't find anyone to drive her. To what lengths will she go to spend time with Noah? Believing that Tash is missing out by not knowing more about her mother, Summer is determined to dig for information. While Andrew discourages her, Malcolm is supportive, prompting Summer to brazenly enter the Erinsborough News offices and search the archives. Finding new information, she is faced with a choice: does she tell Tash the truth, or leave her in blissful ignorance? Elsewhere, Chris decides to return to work at the garage, but Andrew convinces him to place a condition on his return. Will Lucas agree to his terms?

Thursday 13th October

With the council meeting fast approaching, battle lines are drawn and Toadie is worried about the growing community discontent. To his pleasant surprise, Peter insists he’ll handle the meeting, saving Toadie until they really need him. But when Peter sees the opposition rallied by Paul and Kyle, he calls on Toadie to allay their concerns. Finally learning that Toadie is representing the development, will Paul, Kyle and the community let him get away with it? Furious that Sophie ditched school to get her new bass guitar, Kate embarrasses her by punishing her in front of Noah. Jade suggests she lighten up a bit, but Kate insists this is what it takes to raise a teenager. However, when Sophie challenges Kate about being no fun and old before her time, she worries that Sophie may be right. Determined to act her age for once, she and Jade head off for a night on the town. But when they return the next morning exhausted, Kate sleeps through the meeting, incurring Paul’s wrath and once again bringing her responsibilities home to her.

Friday 14th October

Forced to speak at the council meeting, Toadie tries to sell the benefits of the shopping centre development but struggles to keep it together. Paul, confident he’s done enough to sway the councillors, sticks the knife into Toadie, suggesting the only reason he was headhunted was because of this specific case and his pull with the community. When Toadie confronts his boss, Peter confirms this was a bonus but that it was his skills as a lawyer that actually landed him the job. Having been buoyed by the council's decision to approve the development, Toadie’s relief is short-lived when Paul, furious at being defeated, warns Toadie that the fight has only just begun. Tired after her big night, Jade finds the kitchen in a mess and the dishes still not done. When she points out that it’s his turn to do them, Rhys waves off her nagging, telling her he’ll do them later. But when he doesn’t, Jade decides he needs to be taught a lesson. Copping a blast for her immaturity and pettiness after ruining his neatly ironed shirt, Jade is left humbled when she realises that he's been desperately organising a surgical placement, and the shirt she’s ruined was the one he was planning to wear for his interview. How will she make it up to him?

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