Neighbours Episode Synopses for the week from Monday 3rd to Friday 7th October!

NeighboursThis week on Neighbours, Sonya realises that the new shopping centre is a personal attack against her, Natasha continues trying to find out more about her and Jade continues to fight her feelings for Kyle.

Monday 3rd October

Worried she’s inherited a medical condition from her late mother, Tash searches for answers. Finding nothing at home or online, Summer tries to subtly probe Michael but only manages to arouse his suspicions. When he sees his wife’s name in his internet search history, he realises Tash's game and confronts her. Knowing how hard it is for Michael to talk about her mother, Tash puts her interest to bed. After being hurt by the fact of Kyle going home with another woman, Jade does her best to avoid him and focuses her energies on work. However, when Kyle suspects Jade is only working so much to cover the extra rent now Michelle’s gone, he invites Rhys to move in. Fuming, Jade takes her deeper frustration out on Kyle, leaving him confused by her overreaction. Sonya learns of the shopping centre development. She isn’t thrilled on political grounds, preferring to support small local businesses over corporate giants. However, when she discovers the development includes a proposed garden centre, Sonya realises this is personal: her own business may be under threat.

Tuesday 4th October

Buoyed after hearing mostly positive reactions to the shopping centre development, Toadie happily agrees to head the upcoming council meeting. However, when Kyle approaches him with concerns for his business, Toadie suspects there may be more resistance than he anticipated. Then he discovers Sonya is worried for the future of her nursery, and he’s pushed to reconsider accepting the developers as clients. Not wanting to be caught between Sonya and his job, Toadie asks his boss if he can be taken off the project. But Peter ominously suggests Toadie should think twice about such a request, reminding him his job is far from secure. As he appears to be left with no other choice, what will Toadie do? Sensing that Jade’s not happy with him moving in, Rhys tries to smooth things over with her. Jade assures Rhys he’s not the problem, but when she snaps at him for bringing her Dani as a client, he grows confused by her mood swings. Putting it all together when he clocks Jade's jealousy of Dani, Rhys uncovers her secret: she has feelings for Kyle. Unsure as to whether or ot Rhys can be trusted, Jade is pleasantly surprised when he appears to keep his promise to keep quiet. But how long before ruthless Rhys uses his knowledge to his own advantage?

Wednesday 5th October

Disappointed Noah doesn’t have any more upcoming gigs, Sophie decides to organise one for him. She’s excited when Callum helps her find the perfect venue but fears her event will be a flop when she realises no one’s attending. Hoping to avoid embarrassing herself in front of Noah, Sophie tries to rally a crowd at the last minute, but will it be enough to save face in front of Noah? And how will Kate react when Jade points out Sophie’s major crush? Unable to keep his secret from Sonya any longer, Toadie confesses he’s representing the shopping centre development. Sonya encourages him to refuse the case, but Toadie admits he can’t, asking for her understanding. Can Sonya bring herself to support Toadie and the development threatening her business? Andrew is determined to find the cash to replace his embarrassing car, and stumbles upon an idea to buy cheap cars, do them up and sell them for a profit. Can he convince Chris to be part of his latest money-making scheme?

Thursday 6th October

Karl tries to distract himself from thoughts of Susan, but he’s forced to confront their issues when Rhys reveals her patient advocacy article is about to be published - and it’s a scathing attack on the hospital. Karl tries but fails to get in contact with Susan, before Summer suggests his only option is to ask Paul not to publish it. However, despite an emotional appeal, Paul refuses to spike the story, pushing Karl to accuse him of not knowing what it takes to make a marriage work. Stung, will Paul reconsider his stance? Kate fears Sophie will get her heart broken by Year 12 loner Noah, but Paul alerts her to a bigger fear – what if Noah has similar feelings? Kate susses out Noah and is relieved to discover he doesn’t. Keen to protect Sophie, Kate advises him to pull back a little. Noah obliges, but Sophie becomes suspicious. Kate manages to allay her concerns, hopeful she’ll grow out of her crush soon. Desperate to get the capital they need to start their money-making scheme, Andrew promises a student whatever car he wants as long as he pays up front. However, unbeknownst to Andrew, he's promised an incredibly hard to find model. How will Andrew and Chris get out of this one?

Friday 7th October

Impressed by Chris’ progress, Lucas officially offers him an apprenticeship at the garage. Chris is thrilled, determined not to let Lucas down. However, when Chris is forced to deal with a homophobic customer, he’s unsure whether to tell Lucas, not wanting to cause trouble. Tash encourages him to say something, but when Chris does, Lucas convinces him it was just a misunderstanding. Wanting to believe him, Chris is certain if it happens again, Lucas won’t stand for it. However, when the customer returns and the comments begin again, Lucas doesn’t say anything. Bitterly disappointed, Chris resigns, unable to work for someone who doesn’t have his back. After contemplating whether or not to publish Susan's story, Paul ultimately decides not to add to Karl's woes. Despite the gesture, Karl initially refuses to thank him. However, when Karl runs into him again, this time after being advised by Malcolm to allow Susan her space, he is surprised when Paul openly and honestly encourages him not to make the same mistakes he did: Karl has to fight for his wife and he has to fight now. Spurred on by his unlikely supporter, Karl heads off to bring Susan home.

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