Hollyoaks Episode Synopses for the week from Monday 3rd to Friday 7th October!

This week in Chester, Francis reveals all to Carmel but will she run away with him or will she tell anyone else? Meanwhile, Warren is still plotting to blackmail Carl and Ash worries about what the other students think of her. For more, see below:

Monday 3rd October

Carmel’s left reeling when Father Francis comes clean about his indiscretions and wants them to run away together. What will Carmel do? Warren fears Seth will blow Carl and Mercedes’ affair to Riley before he gets a chance to blackmail Carl. Meanwhile, Jason’s left frustrated when Carl refuses to let him take the next step to becoming a boy – hormone blockers.  The Freshers knuckle down to their first day of lectures, well most of them!

Tuesday 4th October

Carmel follows her heart and decides to flee the village with Francis, only for Cindy to get in the way… As Mitzeee bonds with Riley, Jason takes a picture of them in a compromising position. Elsewhere, Ash finally admits to her fellow students she lives at home - she’s expecting to be laughed out the group, but no one’s bothered.

Wednesday 5th October

Frustrated with his transgender progression, Jason acts out and gets himself arrested when he steals a moped in the village. Angry at the world, Jason spitefully sends Warren the incriminating photo of Riley and Mitzeee… A heartbroken Carmel rages at Cindy for ruining her chance of happiness, but an act of kindness by Cindy restores Carmel’s faith in humanity. Meanwhile, when Dodger sells knock off goods to the students, Will tells his brother to back off.

Thursday 6th October

Thinking Riley’s slept with Mitzeee, Warren comes close to ripping Riley apart and only Mitzeee can convince him nothing happened. Warren believes her, but wants to destroy the Costellos on Riley’s big day… Jason’s overjoyed as Carl agrees to let him try the hormone blockers. Elsewhere, Will grows increasingly frustrated by Dodger’s dodgy antics and Duncan’s chuffed when an old flame gets in touch.

Friday 7th October

Mitzeee has a crisis of conscience about destroying the Costellos, but ends up firmly on Warren’s side when they push her too far... Jason takes matters into his own hands when Carl goes back on his promise about the blockers. Meanwhile, Scott, Barney and Rob try to figure out how to use a washing machine and Will feels like a fool as he learns how much Dodger has sacrificed for him.

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