Leah and Miles to face further hurdles in their relationship on C5 soap 'Home And Away'

LeahHome And Away couple Miles Copeland and Leah Patterson Baker (Josh Quong-Tart and Ada Nicodemu) are set to face a further obstacle in the name of love when Leah suffers a miscarriage.

According to actress Ada, the couple will be pulled further apart after Leah miscarries their baby. Discovering that Leah is pregnant, the couple's inital joy is cut short after Leah has a miscarriage just a few weeks into discovering that she's pregnant.

In an interview with TV Week, the actress revealed that her character begins to push her boyfriend away in the aftermath of the tragic circumstances telling him that he's better off with someone who can give him a child as she doesn't plan on getting pregnant again.

Talented Nicodemu explained: ''Leah doesn't know if Miles should stay in the relationship. She's pushing him away and doesn't want him to miss out on something he wants so badly - to be a father again. Leah gives Miles an ultimatum that's a total shock to him. He can't believe what he is hearing. Leah is looking for an easy option to push Miles away, rather than dealing with her guilt and grief."

She added: ''She's blaming Miles, and if she keeps pushing him away, it could lead to heartbreak for them both." There won't be a dry eye in the house when the emotional scenes air in the UK later this year.