Home And Away Episode Synopses for the week from Monday 26th to Friday 30th September!

Home And AwayIn this week's Home And Away, Bianca remembers who her attacker was, Kelly is put under pressure to sell her share of the farm by older brother Dean and Alf finds himself caught in Marilyn and Roo's frosty war of silence. 

Monday 26th September

After spotting her attacker on the beach, Bianca an frantically searches the area with Liam in a bid to find him again. With her attacker nowhere in sight, the pair of them head to the police station to give report their update. However, it soon becomes clear that finding the perpetrator will be difficult despite the new information, and Bianca is left feeling desperate. Liam tells John that Bianca’s attacker was spotted on the beach yesterday, asking him to look out for the distinctive bull’s head tattoo. Later, when Kelly shows John a photo of her family, he spots Dean’s tattoo – it matches Liam’s description. As Liam and Bianca walk home, they spot Dean in his ute. As Bianca registers his identity, a spooked Dean floors it and knocks her down. Kelly’s brother, Dean, is encouraging Kelly to sign over her share of the family farm. Xavier, sceptical of Dean’s agenda, suggests John double check the contract for Kelly. After a call to the council, it becomes clear that Dean has intentions to sell off Kelly’s share of the land to a mining company. Kelly refuses to sign and Dean exits in a huff – he’ll be back when she wakes up to herself. Alf has found himself in the middle of Marilyn and Roo’s war of silence, and is determined to bring about a reconciliation. Alf hits on an idea – a compulsory house dinner that will force the two women to communicate.

Tuesday 27th September

Liam discovers that Kelly’s brother, Dean, has a distinctive bull’s head tattoo – the same as Bianca’s assailant – and that he drives a red ute – the same vehicle that just knocked down Bianca. Liam confronts Kelly, dropping the bombshell that her brother attacked Bianca, before he sets off in pursuit of Dean. On the highway, Liam chases down Dean’s ute on his motorbike and the pair grapple. Dean ends up at the police station. When Kelly is confronted by April over Dean’s alleged involvement in Bianca’s attack and her hit-and-run, she is quick to defend her brother. But when she finds out Bianca was drugged with ketamine, she reveals Dean had access to this drug on his farm. At the police station, Kelly confronts her brother, senses his guilt and makes a statement against him.Bianca lies bruised and battered in the hospital following her hit-and-run. Though she is resistant to the idea, Irene and Sid convince her to consider counselling. When Liam returns to Bianca’s side, having seen Dean to the police station, Bianca is overcome with relief, but we sense her ordeal is far from over. Marilyn and Roo have been lumped together to prepare a dinner party for Alf. Though neither of them is pleased with the idea, they don’t have a choice and set to work. After a somewhat tense afternoon, they start to question where their dinner guests have got to, only to discover there was no dinner after all...

Wednesday 28th September

Romeo is convinced that Harvey trashed his boat in an attempt to sink his business, and so when he finds him stealing his clients he decides to play rough, by reporting him to the police as a suspect. However, Romeo is forced to apologise when Elijah inadvertently gives evidence to clear him. Harvey isn't interested; instead he complains to the council about the fact that Romeo and Alf don't have a permit for their mooring. In an attempt at family bonding, Roo and Sid organise a day on the farm with Indi and Dex. Indi’s attitude towards Roo has thawed and the four of them get into the spirit of things. It seems that Roo has finally found her place within the Walker clan. But Dex seems distracted by an email and is eventually forced to reveal that his mother, Sid's ex, is coming to visit. Miles is perplexed by Leah’s uncharacteristically cold attitude towards him. Despite his earnest attempts to make a connection, he is left confused as she keeps her distance. Once alone, Leah produces a pregnancy kit and waits nervously for the result – it's positive.

Thursday 29th September

Having been in contact with his mum, Dex begs Sid to let her come and stay. Sid is very hesitant and insists that Indi needs to be convinced to accept the visit before it can proceed. As Casey's exams approach, Brax is doing his best to keep things stable for him at home. But when a protective Charlie arrives to retrieve Ruby, she warns that Jake is out on bail, which is a clear and present danger to the Braxton clan. Charlie insists Ruby stop hanging around the Braxtons until the heat dies down. Jake knows his pills are in the Braxtons’ possession and he’s not happy. Tegan arranges a meeting between him and Brax, but when Brax doesn’t show, Jake takes his own collateral - Casey and Ruby. Leah is behaving strangely at work and her attitude towards Miles remains cold. When questioned by Roo, she finally reveals she’s pregnant and, having previously suffered a miscarriage, terrified. With Roo’s encouragement, Leah meets Miles to tell him the news, but confesses she can’t go through with the pregnancy.

Friday 30th September

Distraught after Leah’s confession that she doesn’t want to go through with the pregnancy, Miles seeks advice from Alf and Elijah. He gathers the courage to state his case to Leah, who ultimately agrees with him that what comes down to fear isn't a good enough reason to end the pregnancy. Brax arranges to meet Jake to swap his drugs in exchange for the safe return of Casey and Ruby. But the exchange quickly gets heated when Jake finds some of his drugs missing. Jake pulls a knife and the pair grapple - Brax tells Casey and Ruby to run for it. When Charlie arrives the next day to investigate the scene, she finds blood but no bodies. Jake is found locked in the boot of his car and is hauled in for questioning but he remains tight-lipped. When Charlie arrives at Angelo’s looking for Brax, she finds him on the verge of passing out – he’s badly injured. At the hospital, Charlie keeps vigil at Brax’s hospital bedside. Now, more than ever, Charlie realises she can’t live without him. But later, Tegan arrives with her daughter, Darcy, announcing with great satisfaction that Darcy is here to see her father.

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