Neighbours Episode Synopses for the week from Monday 26th to Friday 30th September!

NeighboursThis week in Neighbours, Lucas finally lays his problems following his father's death to rest when he uses his inheritance to buy the garage, Jade attempts to get rid of Michelle and Michael struggles to keep secrets from Natasha.

Monday 26th September

Frustrated with Kyle’s tactics, Jade takes it upon herself to oust Michelle and ultimately enlists Rhys to help her. Jade’s successful, but as they wave Michelle off she drops a bombshell – she knows all about their ‘arrangement’. To Jade’s horror, Sonya is there to hear it. Struggling with lying to Tash, Michael brushes off Sonya when she comes to him about the kitchen garden program. Shame-faced, he apologises and Sonya unwittingly gives him some very pertinent advice about being honest. Fearful that keeping the secret will only lead to him losing Tash in the long run, Michael steels himself to tell the truth. But can he? Receiving an email from Elle, Lucas is thrilled to learn the garage is his and finally makes peace with his father’s memory.

Tuesday 27th August

With Karl missing Susan so much, Summer makes it her mission to cheer him up. When Andrew suggests she get Karl to give her a driving lesson, it appears her plan has worked, until he gets a call from Malcolm. He's left even more devastated than before when he learns that Susan’s not coming back from the beach. After Michelle outing their special relationship, Kyle and Jade go to great lengths to cover it up. But when Kyle goes the extra distance to be convincing and leaves Charlie’s with another woman, Jade can’t maintain her pretence and breaks down, finally confessing her heartbreak to Sonya.

Wednesday 28th September

Karl attempts to distract himself from his marriage woes by focusing on work. However, when Karl comes across Jim’s file, his mind is brought back to Susan’s absence. While preparing prescriptions, troubled Karl makes a mistake and, to his surprise, Rhys covers for him. But does Rhys have a reward in mind for his good deed? Frustrated he’s stuck with such an embarrassing car, Andrew asks Chris if there’s a way to make it cooler. Chris admits the only thing Andrew can do is to get rid of it. Taking him too literally, Andrew leaves it unlocked with the keys inside in the hope it’ll be stolen. The ploy seems to work, until he returns home and receives a rude awakening. Wanting to spend time with Sophie, Callum decides to show an interest in music by attempting to play the drums along with her guitar. Sophie appreciates the effort, but when Callum proves to have no sense of rhythm, he’s left alone once more.

Thursday 29th September

Toadie takes on a tough assignment and succeeds in convincing an Erinsborough councillor to sign off on some documents over the weekend. Peter Noonan is suitably impressed, but will Toadie's reward turn out to be a curse? Karl has no choice but to accept Rhys’s manipulation and take him to his golf game with some senior doctors. He warns against trying to schmooze Martin, the Head of Surgery, but Rhys isn’t about to let his opportunity pass him by. Unaware of his growing crush on Kate, Sophie accepts Noah’s invitation to see him play at an open mic night. But when Noah learns Kate won’t be accompanying her, he leaves Sophie devastated when he points out that it’s an overage gig and she won’t be able to get in.

Friday 30th September

Michael heads off on his annual ‘surf trip’ with a mate, leaving Tash alone. After experiencing more strange sounds, Summer urges her to get it checked out, but Karl’s unable to find a medical explanation. Simultaneously, Michael’s trip is in fact a memorial ceremony to his dead wife. Despite her efforts to relax, Tash’s symptoms remain and Summer suggests it could be hereditary. When she suggests Tash ask Michael about her mother, Tash can’t go through with it, knowing that in the past any questions she’s asked have only upset Michael. Instead she vows to discover more on her own. The shopping centre development is formally announced in the paper and, fearing community backlash should his role be exposed, Toadie retreats to the anonymity of work. But when Toadie discovers that it seems only Paul is against the development, he realises his new job may not compromise him as much as he anticipated.