Hollyoaks Episode Synopses for the week from Monday 26th to Friday 30th September!

It's Freshers week in Hollyoaks this week as new characters enrol at HCC, Gilly's return causes friction in Jacqui and Rhys' relationship and 'Father' Francis continues to fool Carmel.

Monday 26th September

Freshers’ Week arrives and Will’s nervous, but excited as he meets his new flatmates – sporty Rob, posh Barney, perfect Annalise and everyman Scott. But metalhead Ash makes the biggest impact when she flashes the SU Bar… Rhys resigns when Cheryl gives Gilly a job in Chez Chez, alienating him from Jacqui. Elsewhere, with Father Francis preparing to move to Africa, Carmel considers drastic action to be with him…

Tuesday 27th September

Jacqui’s horrified when Myra and the McQueens confront Gilly... Francis is stunned when Carmel reveals she wants to come to Africa with him. Meanwhile, a hungover Ash gradually pieces together last night and is mortified to remember her wild, drunken antics; luckily Will is a real friend to her, which doesn’t go unnoticed by Theresa…

Wednesday 28th September

Jacqui and Rhys reach crisis point over Gilly and Jacqui moves back into the McQueens. Meanwhile, Gilly moves out of the Osbornes when Tom is bullied at school because of him… Carmel wonders if she’ll be able to resist Francis in Africa and Scott and Annalise bond as Rob, Ash, Will and Barney do what Freshers do best - drink!

Thursday 29th September

After some soul-searching – Carmel gives into her desires with Father Francis as Cindy pledges a large sum of money and Tony grows suspicious of the priest’s intentions… Gilly finds a home with Cheryl, whilst Jacqui is devastated when Rhys admits he needs space. Meanwhile, Ash and Annalise clash at the Freshers’ ball.

Friday 30th September

With the pull of Carmel’s love, Francis tries going straight only for Cindy to lead him into temptation… Neil and Jono are amazed to discover the flasher student is Callum’s big sister. Elsewhere, Annalise makes up with Ash and as the students party, Theresa feels left out of Will’s new world.

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