'Neighbours' newcomer to hide secrets from niece Natasha Williams when she comes to Ramsay Street!

Neighbours star Freya Stafford has revealed that her character is set to keep a secret when she arrives in Ramsay Street. Stafford is set to play Natasha's aunty Emelia who arrives on Australian screens soon.

The upcoming storyline will see Natasha investigating more about her dead mother. With father Michael (Sandy Winton) trying to stop her from finding out too much about her mother, Natasha hopes that aunt Emelia will be able to help her to find out more about her mum.

However, Stafford revealed in an interview with TV Week that Emelia isn't so keen to share too much information with her niece saying: ''Emilia knew Michael at the time when Tash's mother died, and there's history there that makes it difficult for them to get along.''

''If they dredge up those memories, it'd open a huge can of worms - something they're both reluctant to do. There's an understanding that certain things should be kept until a later date - if not forever. When Tash comes into Emilia's life she fills a huge hole.'' Stafford has signed a six-month guest contract however it's thought that she may have it extended based on audience reaction.