Home And Away episode synopses for the week from Monday 19th to Friday 23rd September

Home And AwayThis week in Summer Bay sees Heath getting in bother with the police, Charlie devastated by Brax's cheating and Marilyn and Roo calling an awkward truce. Here are the spoilers for this week's episodes!

Monday 19th September

Tegan arrives at Brax’s motel room asking for help, but when he refuses to hear her out, it’s Heath who’s forced to listen. After Casey witnesses Tegan stashing bags under the house, Brax confronts her and finds out that she's been stowing away Jake's pills. Unsympathetic, Brax tells Tegan to get rid of them, but in response she piles on the pressure: she knows he tipped off the cops. What if Jake were to find out? Feeling the heat, Brax decides to leave the bags put - for now at least. Brax and Charlie are both struggling in the wake of their break-up. When they meet by chance, he asks her to reconsider her decision, but it’s to no avail. When Ruby eventually talks her round, however, Charlie is left devastated when she rushes to Brax's motel room only to find Tegan in his bed. Marilyn and Roo are being excessively nice to each other as they attempt to iron out their differences over Sid. As a peace offering, Marilyn reads Roo’s tarot cards, but her well-intentioned gesture soon sours when she predicts rocky times ahead.

Tuesday 20th September

Charlie is inconsolable after finding Tegan and Brax together in his hotel room, unable to believe that her ex has moved on so quickly. When confronted by Casey over the tryst, Brax implies it’s a ploy to distance Charlie and Ruby from the imminent firestorm with Jake’s gang. But as Tegan makes another move on Brax, he has to put a stop to the charade – it’s over between them. Heath discovers Liam is still testifying against him on the drug charges and asks Brax to get him out of this tight spot. But when Brax admits tells him he'll likely be facing time, Heath does a runner with a bag of Jake’s pills. On his way out of town, he's caught red-handed by Charlie. At the police station, Brax says goodbye to Heath with a promise of doing his best to get him out. Sid decides to take Roo on a surprise romantic cruise, enlisting the services of Romeo and the Blaxland. On Alf’s advice, Romeo invites Indi, in a bid to get her to bury the hatchet with Roo. She begrudgingly agrees to working the cruise, but as the four set sail it’s clear she’s straining to be polite. The cruise takes a turn for the worse when Indi spills champagne over Roo, the dinghy floats away and the engine dies. And then comes the thunder storm.

Wednesday 21st September

Sid's romantic cruise was a disaster, and Indi’s role in the calamity has only increased the tension between the Walkers. Roo initially ponders whether her relationship with Sid is meant to be, determined not to be the one to break up a family. When Indi finally apologises, it leads to a revelation about her own fears: she’s actually afraid of her own life racing out of control, rather than the reality of her dad's new relationship. It’s a discovery that repairs her friendship with Roo, and brings Romeo and Indi closer as they share their worries about the pressures of married life. Despite the unfortunate tarot reading with Roo, Marilyn decides to press on with her predictions. Her next target is Elijah, and before he has a chance to escape, Marilyn is convinced their futures are intrinsically connected – perhaps romantically.

Thursday 22nd September

Bianca is struggling with nightmares of her attack at the B&S ball. She puts on a brave front, but her school work is piling up, and both April and Irene are concerned she might not be coping. Liam, meanwhile, wants to get his life back on track, starting with a job. But when he approaches Gina for some tutoring work, she quickly shuts him down. After then being berated by Bianca for avoiding the subject of her attack, he finds himself at a loose end both in life and love. Xavier and Kelly are very much enjoying being young lovebirds. But when Kelly proposes her brother, Dean, come stay with them, Xavier is worried. He simply doesn’t trust Dean, even if John and Gina think he should give him a chance. Miles is aware that Marilyn has decided to press on with her predictions of a relationship with Elijah, and eventually decides to warn him. Elijah sits down with Marilyn and gently tells her that it's not going to happen, insisting that they remain friends, but how will she take it?

Friday 23rd September

In the wake of another nightmare, Bianca is consoled by Irene and April, who both suggest it’s time to start talking about her attack. Bianca finally opens up to Liam, saying she wants to work through this together, and even encourages Charlie to pursue the investigation. It’s not until Bianca has another vivid nightmare that she remembers the biggest clue yet: a tattoo of a bull’s head on the offender’s back. Charlie injects this information into the case file, and Bianca feels liberated. But when she strolls on the beach, feeling happier than she has in a long time, she spots Dean – with an all too familiar tattoo on his back. Dean arrives in Summer Bay to meet his sister, Kelly, and is especially charming towards Gina and John. But Xavier’s suspicions are given wind as he interrupts an argument between the siblings, discovering Dean is pressuring Kelly to sign over her share of the farm. Xavier confronts Dean and appears to convince him that he’s being unfair, but he senses subterfuge when Kelly explains her brother's alternative proposal – to sign away her share on a verbal promise she can still keep her land.

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