Neighbours Episode Synopses for the week from Monday 19th to Friday 23rd September!

NeighboursThis week on Neighbours, Susan and Karl's relationship falls to pieces, Jade and Kyle are at their wit's end with housemate from hell Michelle and Toadie is trying to impress his boss but will Sonya be able to support him?

Monday 19th September

As Jim’s condition deteriorates, Susan feels guilty for not having granted his wish to visit his childhood home. Sensing his desire to go, Susan takes it upon herself to try and make it happen. But Karl discovers her plans and tensions between them escalate. Meanwhile, unbeknownst to either of them, Jim takes a turn for the worse. Jade decides it's time to get rid of Michelle. Kyle agrees but thinks they need to let her get over her break-up first. Unable to wait, Jade broaches the subject, making the situation much more difficult than expected.

Tuesday 20th September

Susan is distressed after Karl caused her to miss Jim’s final moments. Karl gives her space to grieve, but Malcolm urges him to actively support her instead. Susan, however, pushes him away, declaring she can’t forgive him for what he’s done. Confiding in Malcolm, Susan realises her need to support Jim is linked to bigger issues. When Malcolm encourages her to reach out to Karl, Susan apologises to him, but then reveals she’s going away to plan Jim’s funeral – and doesn’t want him to come. Unable to get Jim’s final moments out of his mind, Rhys tries to distract himself at the gym. Needing to boost his morale, he challenges Kyle’s new circuit record but is frustrated when he narrowly loses. It's only when they later head out for a drink that Rhys briefly lets down his guard. Secretly struggling at work, Toadie wants to invite his boss out to dinner. He calls to arrange it, only to have his boss propose they have lunch at Toadie’s house – that afternoon. Forced to reveal how much he needs to impress, Toadie gets reluctant Sonya on board. But can they pull it off?

Wednesday 21st September

With his new boss coming to dinner, Toadie goes all out to impress - only to be thrown off track by a power failure. The barbecue saves the day, but Peter has strong opinions and Sonya can’t help speaking her mind. Meanwhile, Noah and Sophie are rocking out in the garage when the power blows as a result of their having overloaded the system. Sophie’s heart also looks set to burst when Noah gives her a journal so she can write down her songs. The gift does little to help Sophie’s crush, but Noah is developing feelings for someone else - Kate. Elsewhere, Malcolm steps in to warn his dad that Susan needs her space and he must respect that, else risk losing her forever. As Malcolm bids to track her down, Karl is left alone and powerless to save his marriage.

Thursday 22nd September


Lucas is still haunted by his father’s inheritance, with no idea what to do with the money, when Paul reveals that Elle has decided simply to sell the garage rather than try to manage it from afar. Lucas is suddenly confronted with an opportunity, but can he put aside his reservations in order to take it? Oblivious to the crush Noah has on her, Kate notices he’s a bit of an outcast with the other students ins his class and tries to help by pairing him with Summer for an assignment. But her plan backfires when Noah takes his usual eccentric approach to the work. Despite Noah insisting he’s fine, Kate takes pity and begins tutoring him, unaware of his growing feelings. Having recovered from the accident and become resigned to the idea of boarding school, Tash is blown away when Michael reveals he’s changed his mind and she’s staying. But Tash continues to hear water in her ears – is her dad's secret about to be revealed?

Friday 23rd September

While Michael enjoys his improved relationship with his daughter, Natasha is still plagued by the strange sound of water. Michelle continues to annoy Jade and Kyle, yet refuses to move out.

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