Eastenders Episode synopses for the week from Monday 19th to Friday 23rd September!

EastendersThis week on Eastenders, as the Moons are on tenterhooks to find out Tyler's condition, Michael continues to play his mind games, Darren wakes up and faces the consequences of his actions and Yusef continues to spin a web of deceipt.

Monday 19th September

With the Moon family waiting nervously to find out if Tyler will pull through, Michael warns Vanessa away from his family but Vanessa won't listen. Darren wakes up, horrified at what he has done and quickly tries to cover his tracks but did anyone see him? Meanwhile, Faith brings the stag party back to Grace's house and Grace is horrified to return to find her granddaughter in bed with a man.

Tuesday 20th September

Fed up of bottling everything up, Tanya finally decides to tell someone about her illness as she struggles to cope with Lauren and Abi's bad behaviour. Darren makes a heartbreaking decision after Vanessa discovers the extent of his deceit. Yusef continues to meddle in the Masood family life after Syed discovers that Zainab has withheld information from him unaware that it wasn't Zainab who was responsible.

Thursday 22nd September

In today's visit to the Square, Yusef's control over Zainab appears to loosen after Zainab decides to cut down on the sleeping pills but is Yusef ready to let go of his power over her? Ben asks Christian to coach him in boxing after he is put out when Phil is impressed by Jay's boxing skills. Finally, Jodie starts to worry about money following the previous day's events but could Poppy have the answer to her prayers?

Friday 23rd September

Phil mocks Ben's attempts to bond with him and arranges a boxing match between Ben and Jay's friend Duncan but could Ben be interested in more than sparring with Duncan? Tanya confides in Lauren about her cancer but can Lauren cope with the burden of Tanya's secret alone?

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