Hollyoaks Episode Synopses for the week from Monday 19th to Friday 23rd August

Hollyoaks hots up this week as the Silas storyline rolls on as his presence continues to play on Lynsey's mind. Meanwhile, the teenagers are getting into all sorts of trouble and Tony and Mandy's relationship hits a rough spot.

Monday 19th September

Lynsey struggles in the aftermath of her dangerous encounter with Silas. Nancy continues to put Darren before work which only pushes him away.  Elsewhere, Maddie pushes Gaz and Sinead together, whilst a frustrated Bart watches on and Tony is uninspired by his new job as The Dog’s chef.

Tuesday 20th September

Keen to keep Bart and Sinead apart, Maddie encourages Sinead to take the next step with Gaz and makes sure Bart knows it… Rhys is proud of Jacqui when she helps Lynsey, who has no one else to turn to.  It seems Rhys and Jacqui are back on track.  Tony’s left crushed when Mandy leaves him.

Wednesday 21st September

Devastated to learn Sinead’s slept with Gaz, Bart takes drastic steps and makes sure his high school sweetheart knows what she’s getting herself into… He plants some stolen goods in the thugs car and tips off the police… On a high, Jacqui spends the day putting together a romantic lunch for Rhys but her plans are foiled when he unknowingly neglects her. Elsewhere, Tony’s struggles with his new job as he tries and fails to get in touch with Mandy and Darren fears he can’t match Nancy’s career success.

Thursday 22nd September

Bart’s chuffed to learn his plan worked – Gaz was arrested, but so was Sinead! Rhys makes it up to Jacqui after deserting her yesterday. Closer than they’ve been in a long time, they finally sleep together for the first time since the rape, but their world is rocked when Gilly returns to the village. Meanwhile, a hung over Tony is stunned as he hazily remembers he quit his job last night and Darren’s chuffed as he realises Nancy is proud of him!

Friday 23rd September

Gilly struggles to adjust to life back in the village, but Jacqui seems to be coping well with his return… until a hysterical outburst with her counsellor shows she’s not coping at all… Bart’s thrilled as he grows closer to Sinead, only to lose her when it emerges he got her arrested.  Elsewhere, Carmel causes Father Francis a crisis of conscience and Dodger gets a job in the SU bar.

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