Hollyoaks episode synopses for the week from Monday 12th to Friday 16th September!

This week on Hollyoaks, Lynsey is still highly suspicious of Silas but what is he up to? Meanwhile, Esther is still struggling with her love life and Liberty is helping Will with his!

Monday 12th August

Lynsey is intrigued when Texas keeps receiving messages from a girl from the chat room India used.  Sure it’s Silas, Lynsey steals the details and arranges a meet in the woods.  She convinces Nancy to come with her but at the last minute Silas sends Nancy on a job…  Is Lynsey about to meet her maker?  As Nancy’s career takes off, Darren starts to feel left behind. But when a heartbroken Esther feels snubbed by Tilly, Darren steps up and offers her comfort.

Tuesday 13th September

Lynsey is missing and Brendan is frantic, he receives a note from ‘Lynsey’ on his windscreen and heads straight to the woods to find her… What will he find?  Jacqui makes a hash of Rhys’ birthday, but comes good in the end and Darren flounders as he tries to hit upon a new career. Elsewhere, Tilly’s a real friend to Jason.

Wednesday 14th September

Nancy’s too busy to spend anytime with an overlooked Darren.

Thursday 15th September

Esther helps Darren impress Nancy with a romantic gesture, but Darren’s crushed as it fails to hit the mark. Meanwhile, Rhys and Jacqui decide to spend some quality time together away from the village.

Friday 16th September

Jack’s concerned to find Darren on a downer and Liberty and Dodger advise Will on his wrecthed love life.

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