Home And Away episode synopses for the week from Monday 12th September to Friday 16th September

Home And AwayThis week on Home And Away, Roo thinks Alf is avoiding her, Charlie has trouble with The River Boys and the fallout from recent events continues to affect the relationship of Ruby and Casey and Brax and Charlie.

Monday 12th September

Charlie arrests Heath following the rival gang drug raid, but when he gets physical during his interview he is subsequently tasered and suffers a seizure. With Heath hospitalised as a result, Brax makes a scene in his brother's defence and verbally attacks Charlie in front of her colleagues. But in a late-night rendezvous, Brax shares with her a startling admission: that he sent the tip-off to the police. Inspector Joyce praises Charlie for her big arrest, but tasks her with finding more evidence on Heath to help put him away - namely be getting Liam Murphy to testify against him. Elsewhere, Roo is concerned that Alf is avoiding her, Casey's behaviour threatens to jeopardise his relationship, and Ruby follows Charlie to discover the identity of her secret lover.

Tuesday 13th August

Having agreed to cool things down with Brax in a bid to better hide their relationship, Charlie throws herself into work and meets with Liam to convince him to testify against Heath. However, Mick and a few of the River Boys witness the encounter and make their presence known. Finding himself in a delicate situation, Liam is upset with Bianca for telling Charlie about Heath being his former dealer, but when he finds Mick threatening her at home, he decides to go ahead with giving evidence - only to fall victim to a violent attack as a result. Convinced that Charlie is framing Heath, Cheryl is on the rampage and tells Casey he needs to break up with Ruby. When Ruby confides in him about Brax's affair, Casey confronts his brother about what other secrets he's been hiding: did he really set up Heath's arrest? Determined to save her relationship, Ruby makes a pact with Casey to forget about everything that’s happened with Brax, Charlie, Heath and the boys - a pact to keep it all their secret.

Wednesday 14th September

Liam is acting very withdrawn towards Bianca following his attack, for which he secretly blames her, and Irene begins to worry that if they don’t talk out their problems, their relationship will fall apart. Frustrated at not having been a part of Liam's rehabilitation from addiction, Bianca eventually confronts him, and they both agree to communicate, forgive and move on. Roo has invited Alf over for lunch with her and Sid, as an attempt to prove what a good couple they are. Alf reluctantly agrees under the condition he can bring Morag along. When the lunch proves to be a disaster, Roo confronts her dad, who reveals that he doesn’t trust Sid and is worried about her getting hurt. Xavier is concerned about Kelly and, in a bid to ease her homesickness, arranges for her to go horse riding. Kelly is in her element, and the couple's chemistry is undeniable as they finally give in to temptation. After their fun is over, Kelly grapples with the fact they broke their promise to Gina to remain ‘just friends’, deciding that if Xavier doesn’t confess, then she will.

Thursday 15th September

Roo is struggling with the sudden shift in her relationship, the early excitment long forgotten as she finds herself taking on a more motherly role about the house. On Morag's advice, she formulates a plan for the perfect romantic evening with Sid, but when he gets held up and has to reschedule, she resorts to drastic measures and packs her bags. Xavier and Kelly are struggling to confess to Gina the news of their developing relationship. As Xavier worries that his mum will force his girlfriend to move out, for Kelly the priority is that they're honest. And when they do finally pluck up the courage to come clean, Gina's reaction is far from expected.

Friday 16th September

Heath returns to the Bay after being released on bail, unsettling a number of the locals. Brax warns his brother to pull his head - he’s living on borrowed time - and Casey tells Ruby that it might be best if they too cooled their relationship for a while. Meanwhile, Charlie learns that one of the River Boys has rolled on the gang, naming Brax as the leader. When the police call in Brax for interview, it's revealed that he's been accused of drug manufacture and supply. He remains tight-lipped, but when Charlie later confronts him once and for all, he fails to deny the allegations. Furious, she tells him it's over. After talking to Alf, Roo goes to see Sid to set the record straight about where they stand. They are still in a relationship, but she's missing the romance. They eventually come to an understanding about their wants versus the reality of their situations and agree to a fresh start. Roo also decides she needs somewhere new to live, and Morag offers her room ahead of her move to the city. Hesitant at first, Roo eventually agrees after Alf points out that Marilyn is very supportive of making the arrangement work.