Neighbours Episode Synopses for the week from Monday 12th September to Friday 16th September!

NeighboursThis week on Neighbours sees Jade struggling with her feelings for housemate Kyle, Susan's friendship with Jim continuing to take its toll on her marriage to Karl and Paul's reaction to finding out that Andrew has been turning the house into a hostel in his absence.

Monday 12th September

No matter how hard she tries, Jade can’t escape her growing feelings for Kyle. Despite Sonya's advice that she tells him how she feels, Jade decides that spending just one night with Kyle will be enough for her to get her crush out of her system. Susan struggles to cope as Karl and Rhys work to stabilise Jim. Her commitment to the friendship leaves Karl feeling isolated, and he decides to reach out to her by agreeing to take over as Jim's doctor. But Susan fails to see Jim’s rapidly deteriorating state. Furious that Andrew abused his trust by turning his house into a hostel while he was away, Paul gives him chance to come clean - but when his son fails to come clean, he decides to cancel his birthday present.

Tuesday 13th September

The morning after the night before, Jade resolves to find a different way to work through her feelings for Kyle. But when he suggests an ongoing no-strings arrangement, she can’t help being tempted. Susan struggles with her desire to help Jim, keen to help fulfill his last wish by taking him to visit his childhood home. Knowing that Jim's prognosis is poor, Karl finally breaks Susan the news that the end is near, and the trip just won't be possible. Susan and Jim lean on each other for comfort, unaware as they share a tender moment that Karl has witnessed their closeness. After first suspecting that Sophie’s new guitar is on loan from Noah, Kate realises that not to be the case and turns her suspicions elsewhere. Who is the Ramsays' mystery benefactor?

Wednesday 14th August

It's Andrew's 18th birthday, and he's convinced he'll be getting a new set of wheels from his dad. But when the car arrives it's a little less flashy than he was expecting, and with it comes a humiliating life lesson from Paul. Meanwhile, Karl is rocked by Susan's behaviour, and the couple's marriage falls under further strain when, ruled by his medical judgement, he refuses to increase Jim's pain medication. It's Tash’s final day on Ramsay Street and, as she packs up her belongings ready for boarding school, she’s surprised at how much she’ll miss it. Banning Chris from telling Andrew and Summer she’s going, she resolves to make her last night one to remember. But can she stop herself from revealing her secret from her friends?

Thursday 15th September

Jade and Kyle’s friends-with-benefits relationship is in full swing when Sonya queries whether her sister's sticking to her promise to keep her distance. Realising they’ll need to keep their arrangement a secret, Jade urges Kyle not to tell anyone about it. Not quite clear on the nuances, Kyle overplays her request by ignoring her completely, in turn making Sonya even more suspicious. After working out specific ground rules, Jade’s finally able to relax and enjoy what she has with Kyle. Tash’s friends are saddened by Michael’s decision to send her away, but she urges them to make the most of the farewell celebrations and they pull an all-nighter in the city. When they return home the next morning, Tash guilt-trips the teens into sneaking into Toadie’s pool for an illicit swim, but her fun is cut short when Jade catches them in the act and orders them out. The situation takes a dangerous turn when, while struggling with Jade, Tash slips and falls into the pool. Elsewhere, Michael is unsure about his decision to send Tash away to boarding school but, finding an odd ally in Paul, convinces himself he’s doing the right thing.

Friday 16th September

Stunned Michael returns from the beach to find Tash being wheeled into an ambulance after nearly drowning in Toadie's pool. Although relieved when she's later given the all-clear, Michael remains haunted by Tash's accident, and is further troubled when she starts experiencing strange flashbacks. What is Michael so afraid of Tash remembering? With Michelle becoming far too clingy, Lucas no longer finds her a fun distraction from his inheritance woes and realises he needs to end things between them. After refusing to get involved, Jade is pleased when it seems that her housemate has taken Lucas's news surprisingly well. Little does anyone realise that, beneath the front, Michelle is anything but fine. Troubled by the distance between herself and Sophie, Kate tries to reach out to her. However, increasingly focused on her music, Sophie pushes Kate away. When Andrew suggests she finds a way to support Kate's new hobby, Kate extends an olive branch by bringing Noah over for guitar lessons. It seems the sisters' relationship may be on the mend.

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