Eastenders Episode Synopses for the week from Monday 12th to Friday 16th September

EastendersThis week on Eastenders, there's a new arrival causing a stir, the fling between Vanessa and Eddie heats up and it's a case of life or death for Tyler after he's seriously hurt in a boxing match but is Michael done with his plan to ruin father Eddie's life?

Monday 12th September

Jack is outraged at Michael after he finds out who he has booked as Tyler's opponent in his upcoming boxing match. Meanwhile, Vanessa struggles to go through with Michael's evil plan but he soon blackmails her into changing her mind. Mandy isn't pleased when Phil tries to use her against Ian but Shirley isn't pleased when Mandy plays him at his own game. Zainab worries about her relationship with Yusef and her fears aren't settled when he declares they need their space.

Tuesday 13th September

Jack is shocked and annoyed after he hears of Vanessa and Eddie's fling from Michael, what is Michael up to? Grace is shocked to discover her granddaughter and Mercy's sister Faith on her doorstep but will she be able to control Faith's troublesome behaviour. Ian goes to visit Lucy and Peter but when Ian's away, what will Mandy do? It's the night of the big boxing fight but all the spectators are shocked when they see who his violent opponent is.

Thursday 15th September

Tyler is injured in the boxing fight and whilst everyone is on tenterhooks to see if he'll pull through, Michael continues to torment Eddie by bringing up the past. Carol leaves the Square for a bit of space after she finds out about Vanessa and Eddie's fling but she's not afraid to give Eddie a lashing of her tongue before she leaves. Unsure of Tyler's condition, Jack worries that Michael's foolish actions could see him land in hot water too.

Friday 16th September

Michael is shocked to be introduced to his brother Craig. As he begins to talk, he starts to see Eddie in a different light. After finding out about Darren's dodgy dealings, Jodie begins to reconsider the lavish wedding ceremony.

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