Home And Away Episode Synopses for the week from Monday 5th September to Friday 9th September

Home And AwayAs Home And Away returns to our screens this week following its summer break, show stalwart Alf Stewart is back in the Bay and the fallout from the B&S Ball continues but can Alf's return bring Summer Bay back from bedlam?

Monday 5th September

Roo is feeling awful about Bianca's attack at the B&S ball, particularly when it comes to light that there were drugs flowing freely at the event and none of the chaperones seemed to know about it. When she finds out Laura knew, Roo blasts her for being irresponsible. Meanwhile, Alf returns home to news of Roo and Sid's relationship, and wastes no time voicing his disappointment, explaining to his daughter that he cannot support what she’s done. After finding her fighting with her brother, Xavier finds his spirits liften when he spends the day with Kelly. When Dean returns to drive her home, Xavier is astonished by his treatment of his sister and offers Kelly a place to stay.

Tuesday 6th September

Furious about the drugs at the B&S ball, Roo tells Laura to take her share of the payment and get out of town. Sid commends her decision to cut all ties, but when Roo checks her bank account, she discovers that Laura has fled with her money too. Xavier asks Gina if Kelly can stay with them on a temporary basis and, although wary, she agrees on the provision that they remain nothing more than friends. However, with their mutual attraction obvious, for how long will they be able to keep their promise? In the quest to help Kelly, Xavier suggests she take his old job at Angelo’s. However, Casey informs them that he’s already suggested Dex. Sore over the break-up with April, Xavier confronts Dex, who is happy to step aside and uses the moment build bridges with him.

Wednesday 7th September

Alf organises a welcome lunch, and decides to invite both Roo and Marilyn despite the recent tension between the two women. Marilyn tries to make an excuse to not attend, but some support from Elijah gives her the strength to change her mind - a decision she later comes to regret. As April and Irene continue to comfort a traumatised Bianca, Liam turns up on their doorstep unannounced. When Bianca storms upstairs, Irene is left to tell Liam about recent events. When April returns, she lashes out at him for leaving, name-dropping Heath as Bianca’s attacker. Things only get worse after Liam learns that Bianca and Heath slept together while he was in rehab. In the wake of Xavier and Kelly’s hook-up the night before, both agree to cool off their relationship in light of the promise they made to Gina. John manages to clock the chemistry between the two and questions Xavier about it. When Xavier eventually tells him that there was a 'kiss', John makes Xavier promise to be careful and not let it go any further.

Thursday 8th September

Bianca is feeling guilty about breaking the Heath news to Liam and fears it might lead to him using again. When the pair finally sits down and talks it out, Liam reveals his problems with Heath go deeper as he was his dealer. Bianca is thrown a curveball when Charlie calls to confirm that the DNA results are in, and Heath is in the clear. So who attacked her? Alf has been feeling out of the loop since his return to Summer Bay and, after Romeo pitches his business ideas for the Blaxland, relishes the opportunity to be a business partner in this new venture. Morag and Miles both sense that he is intervening, trying to advise him to let Romeo have control, but Alf stands his ground. Inspector Joyce arrives to head up the Summer Bay police station, putting Charlie in an awkward position when he declares he wants Heath brought down. Charlie is desperate for a win, so she puts Brax on the spot and pleads for a tip-off. However, she once again finds herself caught in the middle after she learns Brax warned Heath that the police are on his trail. What will she choose: her career or her relationship?

Friday 9th September

Tegan shows up at Angelo’s to warn Brax that Jake has gotten wind of Heath’s impending raid and is planning to ambush it. Brax orders Heath to shut it down, but he refuses to hear of it. Just as Heath is at a stand off with Jake and guns are being pointed, the police arrive and bring in both gangs. In an attempt to bridge the gap with Indi, Roo puts together a care package of household items for her and Romeo. However, when Sid delivers the items to his daughter, he runs into Marilyn, there to give a gift of her own - and, when she spots her teapot in the mix, she isn’t happy at all. Miles and Marilyn try to talk Alf into backing off on Romeo’s business, to allow him to find his own feet. Roo joins the cause, making him see that the real problem here is his feeling of not being needed. When Romeo comes to confront him about his concerns, Alf graciously gives him the go-ahead to continue on his own.

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