Neighbours Episode Synopses for the week from Monday 5th August to Friday 9th August

NeighboursThis week in Ramsay Street, Natasha is worrying about her body, the day of the auction comes for Sonya and Lucas and Michelle continue dating. Here's an episode synopsis list with thanks to Channel 5 for the spoilers!
Monday 5th September

The day of the auction arrives, the finances are sorted and Toadie vows to be there for Sonya. But nerves soon get the better of her and, despite her being the successful bidder, her excitement turns to something more unexpected. Faced with Tash’s latest ploy for his attention, Michael’s resolve is sorely tested. Can he hold onto this new style of parenting? Elsewhere, an unlikely friendship is born when Karl accepts Rhys's challenge to a round of golf, hoping a bit of one-upmanship might take his mind off Susan’s ongoing obsession with Jim’s declining health.

Tuesday 6th September

Realising she has to have an answer, Sonya takes a pregnancy test, which seems to confirm her fears that she is pregnant. After Jade encourages her to take another to be sure, Sonya is thrown when that proves negative, and even more so when Toadie catches her. Forced to go to the hospital, the pair are respectful of each other’s feelings, but Sonya is torn as Toadie contemplates their future as a family. When she receives the news for which she's been hoping, that the test is negative, Sonya has a surprising reaction. Sophie is struggling with the school guitar, and Kate refuses to buy her one of her own until she’s proven her commitment. When a brand new guitar and amp arrives from a mysterious benefactor, Sophie chooses to lie to Kate in order to keep it. Meanwhile, Lucas continues to find in Michelle a distraction from his inheritance. But when she discovers his secret, she pushes him to open up.

Wednesday 7th August

Kate is shocked to discover that Tash is planning plastic surgery, and even more so when she learns Michael knows about it. She tries to change Tash's mind and, when that fails, pushes her to talk to her dad. But Tash instead forges ahead with her plan to raise money for the operation, deciding to sell the last gift her mother gave to her father. Meanwhile, Jade finds herself getting a little too close to Kyle when they both catch Sonya’s virus. Kyle asks her not to leave him alone with over-attentive Michelle, but Jade is unable to bear the atmosphere any longer and soon escapes to her room – only to have him follow her. After they finish sharing stories from their pasts, Kyle finally falls asleep in her bed and Jade realises her feelings run deeper than she thought. Trying to put her pregnancy scare behind her, Sonya devotes herself to caring for sick Callum. When he calls her mum for the very first time, she is deeply moved and reconsiders her previous stance against having another baby. She shares her news with Toadie, and they reach an agreement to establish their careers first, then work towards having a baby in the future.

Thursday 8th September

Andrew’s backpacker business draws the ire of his neighbours, prompting Malcolm to try and get to the bottom of what’s going on. Summer lies to protect her boyfriend's scheme but worries they’re taking too big a risk. Although Andrew has his own concerns, he decides they’re too close to their goal to stop now. But, with the end in sight, an unexpected phone call from Paul threatens to derail their plans. Exhausted by Tash’s antics, Michael realises his plan to let her parent herself has failed. While Tash tries desperately to get his cherished records back, Michael finally admits defeat – their relationship is broken beyond repair. Running out of options, he arranges to send her away to boarding school. Still trying to find a way to spend his inheritance, Lucas is prompted to consider buying a house. However, for him the prospect of settling down somewhere for good is deeply confronting and, choosing his freedom, he finds himself back at square one.

Friday 9th September

In an attempt to support Susan, Karl tries to distract her from her responsibility to Jim. But she makes it clear that’s not the kind of help she wants: she simply needs Karl to accept their friendship. To show his understanding, Karl invites Jim over for lunch, but things go awry when talks turns to the Peru trip. Andrew and Summer manage to kick out the backpackers and get the Robinson house looking clean just in time for his dad’s return. It's a close call as Paul spots signs of visitors, prompting Andrew to pretend he had a party. However, just as Andrew thinks he’s gotten away with his grand scheme, Paul finds a van full of backpackers in Ramsay Street. Struggling to process Michael’s punishment, Tash can’t bring herself to admit she’s going to boarding school, until Chris expresses his excitement about upcoming events and she finds she has no choice.