Eastenders Episode Synopses for the week from Monday 5th September to Friday 9th September!

EastendersThis week in Albert Square sees the return of troubled teenager Ben Mitchell, Michael's scheming continues and over with Kat and Alfie, their happy news is shortlived after they recieve bad news.

Monday 5th September

Syed tries to get in touch with Amira to discuss their divorce. Alfie and Kat's relationship continues to face trouble as they argue over recent events. Meanwhile, Rose gets a job and Cora finds a new place to live with Dot after Tanya kicks her out.

Tuesday 6th September

In today's visit to the Square, Alfie gets some unexpected news but his happiness is short-lived. Zainab finds an unlikely ally as Syed continues trying to track Amira down. Eddie attempts to spend more time with Carol.

Thursday 8th September

Michael begins to pile pressure on Vanessa to carry out his revenge plot on Eddie in today's visit to Albert Square. Meanwhile, Yusef's scheming continues and Anthony rips Cora off to her fury.

Friday 9th September

Today in Walford, The Mitchell family get a pleasent surprise when Ben turns up on their doorstep. Mandy Salter returns and gives Ian a shock when she turns up at his house. Michael meddles in Carol and Eddie's relationship as Vanessa struggles to carry out the plan.

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