We take a look at the new sixth formers set to arrive in 'Hollyoaks' next week

Hollyoaks LogoFrom next week onwards, the people of Chester aren't going to know what has hit them as six new sixth formers join HCC as they arrive in Hollyoaks. 3 of the new characters will be familiar to viewers as they appeared in the special Abersoch episodes but courtesy of our friends at Lime Pictures, here's the low down on the new sixth formers.

Jono (played by Dylan Llwellyn)

There is one main interest in Jono’s life - girls! After failing to pull in Abersoch, he is now determined to change his luck at Hollyoaks 6th Form, but as he is quite a naive, sensitive little soul his romantic plans always seem to go awry! Bless.  Bezzy mates with louder but equally inept Neil, their place in the sixth form ‘’It” crowd was secured thanks to Jono’s life-long friendship with Bart - meaning that, happily for Jono, there will always be lots of gorgeous girls around for him to try and woo.  Hashtag goodluck Jono!

Maddie (played by Scarlett Bowman)

At Hollyoaks 6th Form there can be only one Queen Bee - and Maddie is determined to get that crown.

Ruling with a seductive mixture of beauty, manipulation and wit, Maddie knows the power of gossip and skillfully uses it to get what she wants - not that you’d realise this, as she’s so charming that you just want to be her friend (or boyfriend)!  One person who is onto her, though, is BFF Tilly, who sees through Maddie’s confident facade. Does this gossip girl have a vulnerable side?  Reunited with first love Bart during the wild weekend in Abersoch, Maddie immediately found a rival in Sinead, which means that when she joins the new sixth form the sparks are sure to fly as they vie for social supremacy and Bart’s heart.  Let the battle commence!

Tilly (played by Lucy Dixon)

Some like to be in the centre of attention, while others prefer to observe sardonically from the sidelines - which is where we will always find our Tilly.  Amused by best friend Maddie’s obsession with social status but always willing to support her, Tilly is fiercely independent, only getting involved in the dramas of Hollyoaks 6th Form when it’s something she believes in.
Though she had a holiday romance with Esther in Abersoch, Tilly likes to keep her options open and is unlikely to settle down any time soon - though she does like to dabble once in a while! Quite the clever clogs, always with something witty to say, she is one cool lady. Tilly, will you be our friend?

Neil (played by Tosin Cole)

Some have the gift of the gab and some don’t - and unluckily for Neil he totally doesn’t! Not that he realises this, in his mind he is a smooth talking ladies man who can have any girl he wants...though we are yet to see any proof of this! Wingman to a similarly unsuccessful Jono, Neil is constantly telling outrageous stories about his sexual prowess and, as a result, often finds himself the butt of jokes at Hollyoaks 6th Form as his mates call him on his tall tales.  Oh Neil, will you ever learn?

Callum (played by Laurie Duncan)

Swoon! There is someone setting all the girls' hearts a-flutter at Hollyoaks 6th Form and that can only be the enigma that is Callum. Not the sort of guy to use ten words when one will do, Callum keeps himself to himself and rarely involves himself in the politics and intrigues of sixth form life - which makes him all the more alluring!  But is it just us, or does he seem to be hiding some dark secret? If so, we really REALLY can’t wait to find out what it is...

George (played by Steven Roberts)

OMG! If you’re ever in need of fashion advice or a shopping companion, then look no further than George!

Determined to bring style to the corridors of Hollyoaks 6th Form, this sharp tongued fashionista will tell you what not to wear - whether you want to know or not.  Best mates with Maddie and Tilly, George likes nothing more than hanging out with his girls, but when it comes to romance he lacks the confidence to make a move on boys - not that this stops him crushing on lots of them! Could sixth form help him find his mojo?  Welcome to Hollyoaks, George, we’ll see you in Cincerity!

From Left to Right: Tilly, George, Sinead, Bart, Neil, Maddie, Callum and Jono