Hollyoaks Episode Synopses for the week from Monday 29th August to Friday 2nd September!

Hollyoaks LogoThis week on Hollyoaks, the teenagers are getting ready to go to sixth form college, Carmel looks set to give into temptation with Father Francis and Cindy realises that Mandy and Texas have been ripping her off with their own little scam but will she take further action?

Monday 29th August

The day of the charity calendar shoot arrives and Carmel’s embarrassed when Francis is forced to strip off and step up as a model. Passions fly and Francis can’t resist crossing the line… Ste feels pushed out when Lee moves in – will Amy forget him now she’s getting married? Meanwhile, Tony helps calm Tom’s nerves about starting secondary school and Texas and Mandy enlist the help of Dodger to keep their Cindy scam on track.

Tuesday 30th August

Carmel’s stunned when Francis admits he’s falling in love with her. She feels the same, but refuses to lead a priest into temptation – but for how long? Tom skillfully helps Tony and Mandy realise they still love each other.  Elsewhere, Lee has a lads night with Darren and Jamil, much to Amy’s frustration and Pete’s stunned when Ruby crosses the pupil/teacher line!

Wednesday 31st August

Cindy’s raging when she finally discovers Mandy and Texas have been ripping her off and threatens to go to the police.  Low and vulnerable, Cindy finds herself leaning on Francis and stuns him with a kiss...Has he forgotten about Carmel already? Ruby’s devastated when Pete makes it clear he only sees her as a pupil and arranges for her to have another tutor.

Thursday 1st September

Carmel is gutted when she learns Francis is going back to Uganda… Will she admit her true feelings and convince him to stay? Jason’s crushed when Bart tries to win Sinead back. But Sinead isn’t having any of it, at least until Diane pokes her nose in… Meanwhile, Mandy panics to Tony that she’s going to prison while Cindy makes a decision about her ‘friends’. Is time up for Texas & Mandy?

Friday 2nd September

Bart’s devastated when Jason insists they’re no longer friends, whilst Sinead’s terrified about starting Sixth Form college next week – she’ll have to see Bart and Jason everyday! As Father Francis prepares to leave, Cindy persuades Carmel to follow her heart and go get her man, but will she reach him in time? Elsewhere, preparations are being made for Riley’s Stag do and Mercedes’ Hen do next week, but when Seth sees Mercedes talking to Carl, the knowledge of their affair weighs heavily on his mind – how much longer can Seth keep their secret?

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