ITV1 soap 'Coronation Street' to air lesbian love triangle storyline later this year?

Weatherfield teenager Sophie Webster (Brooke Vincent) will break girlfriend Sian Powers' (Sacha Parkinson's) heart in an upcoming storyline by calling off plans for the young lesbians to get married, a report has claimed.

The popular couple are set to face trouble after Sophie secretly develops feelings for Dev Alahan's daughter Amber Kalirai (Nikki Patel). Sophie's first romantic encounter with the Weatherfield resident is thought to occur in October after Amber spikes Sophie's drink with gin.

According to The Sun, Amber spikes Sophie's drink so she can make her move whilst Sian is away on holidays. During the night out, Amber spots her opportunity after Sophie is hassled by a male punter who is trying to chat her up. Pretending to try and help her friend get rid of the unwanted admirer, Amber pretends they are a couple and locks lips with Sophie.

However, in a shock twist, Sophie then moves in for a second kiss from Amber a short time later. Plagued with guilt following the incident, Sophie decides to propose to Sian to cover up her kiss with Amber however realising that it's Amber who she really wants, Sophie reportedly  calls off their planned civil ceremony due to take place at Christmas.  A source said: ''Sian will be devastated and will end up leaving Weatherfield for good."

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