Neighbours Episode Synopses for the week from Monday 22nd August to Friday 26th August!

NeighboursThis week in Ramsay Street, Karl and Susan's marriage problems roll on whilst the Kate/Kyle/Jade love triangle continues and Natasha and Michael's damaged father/daughter relationship shows no signs of healing. Here are the episode synopsesMonday 22nd August

Still angry at Susan's betrayal, Karl avoids spending time at their house. Meanwhile, Dr. Rhys gets suspicious when Jim demands that his Medical Power Of Attorney is given to Susan. When Rhys confronts Karl, he defends his wife but has questions for Susan when he gets home. As Karl  demands to know why Susan is  becoming so involved  with Jim, she's unable to contain her emotions and admits the burden she feels. Seeing the toll her commitment to Jim is taking on his wife, a concerned Karl urges Jim to stop asking so much of Susan Elsewhere when Sonya sees Jade's discomfort around Kyle and suspects she has feelings for him, Jade is quick to deny it but cant fight her jealousy when she sees  Kyle and Kate getting closer. Needing someone to speak to, Jade finally admits  to Sonya that she had feelings for Kyle  but is quick to dismiss  the idea that she wants a relationship with Kyle. However when Sonya tells Jade she should tell Kyle how she feels will Jade open her heart?

Tuesday 23rd August

Still feeling hurt by Michael's refusal to engage with her, Tash continues to push the boundaries and  invites her friends over for a noisy night of fun. Despite Michael's resolve being  sorely tested, he doesn't rise to the bait. Frustrated, by the lack of attention Tash heads to Charlie's to blow off steam, but its not long before the photo scandal comes back to haunt her again. Unable to put her feelings for Kyle into words  Jade suggests the two of them have  dinner together. The meal is going well and  Jade finally plucks up the courage to tell Kyle how she feels. However when  new housemate Michelle  turns up, she ruins the moment . Will Jade ever get round to letting  Kyle know how she feels?

Wednesday 24th August

Lucas is eager to get rid of his inhertiance fortune and after Sonya's loan for the garden is refused  Lucas comes up with a way to solve both of their problems. But will Toadie's pride put an end to his plan? Elsewhere fearing she will never get over her photo sham and feeling neglected by Michael  Tash's self-esteem hits rock bottom. As the troubled teens begins to doubt her appearance and considers taking drastic action. Meanwhile Callum's dreams of Rock God stardom are quickly squashed when he and Sophie attend their first elective music class.

Thursday 25th August

Unable to fight his jealousy Toadie sticks to his guns and insists that Sonya cannot accept Lucas's offer to back her new business. Desperate to take over the garden Sonya is frustrated by Toadie's attitude but Toadie is quick to  justify his stance  claiming  a financial arrangement may damage the friendship. Later, Susan notices something is wrong with Toadie and he starts to question his own motives. Shocked to realise its jealousy Toadie admits to himself that  he is put out that he can't fund Sonya's business  himself  making him feel that he's unable to provide for his own family. Will Toadie back track and agree to let Lucas help Sonya or will he let his pride get in the way of his girlfriend's dream. Elsewhere when Summer reminds Andrew that they need to pay a deposit to secure their accommodation at schoolies Andrew's asks Paul for a loan. Elsewhere Sophie's under pressure from Callum to swap out of music into woodwork class.

Friday 26th August

Kate is on a night out at Charlies with Kyle Jade and Michelle and is mortifed when Rhys turns up to return her lost earring. Although Kate does her best to maintain her lie, it seems it wont be long before Kyle finds out the truth Elsewhere Andrew starts to worry about raising the money  for schoolies, and when he later meets  two lost backpackers who need a place to stay  he comes up with an idea. But will the backpackers be prepared to stay in the Men's shed? Meanwhile  Lucas goes out seeking a distraction from his dads money  But it's only when he's introduced to Michelle that his worries are really put out of his mind.