Eastenders Episode Synopses for the week from Monday 22nd August to Friday 26th August!

EastendersThis week on Eastenders sees some special on-location scenes involving characters including Whitney who is tracked down by Rob again, a blast from the past for Dot and a music convention incident for Heather and Shirley. Here are the episode synopses:

Monday 22nd August

Whitney goes for a date with Lee but when she realises she's putting herself in danger, she quickly makes an escape. After a health scare on Friday, Dot decides it's time she solves everything she regrets as she asks Fatboy to help her find her sister Rose in Southend. Heather and Shirley get ready for their trip to the music convention but Shirley is less than impressed when she finds out she's mislead her.

Tuesday 23rd August

Whitney tells Fatboy why she had to flee Walford but unbeknown to her, Rob knows where she's going and is set to follow her to Southend. Meanwhile, Dot tries to resolve things with her sister and Shirley realises that newcomer Andrew has feelings for Heather but tries to keep him away from her. Back on the Square,  Denise worries about her sister Kim as her odd behaviour continues.

Thursday 25th August

Rob pushes his way into Whitney's hotel room, will he have his wicked ways with her again or is she strong enough to stand up to him. Dot confronts her sister but Rose's lies continue. Elsewhere, Denise is still worrying about Jim and tries to convince her to take the test, what is wrong with Kim? And Ryan defends his sister but who dies?

Friday 26th August

A terrified Whitney awaits news on Ryan after the confrontation, has he died defending his sister? Wanting to build bridges with her sister, Dot asks Rose to move into Walford with her. However, another lie is discovered by Dot making her question if she wants Rose back in her life. Meanwhile, Heather is disappointed that things with Andrew didn't work out but Shirley assures her she will find Mr. Right.

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