Hollyoaks Episode Synopses for the week from Monday 22nd August to Friday 26th August!

Hollyoaks LogoThis week in Hollyoaks sees the fallout from Bart and Sinead's return to Chester, Brendan eyeing up Lynsey as a beard, the teens getting their GCSE results and Tony making his return to Chester with a new look and a new outlook on life. Here are the episode spoilers:

Monday 22nd August

Keen to make Lynsey a surrogate mum for Declan, and stifle his own feelings for men, Brendan stuns Lynsey by kissing her! A heartbroken Sinead is touched as Bart declares his love for her, but when he admits Jason is still important to him, Sinead rejects him for good. Meanwhile, Amy struggles to shake her guilt over sleeping with Dodger, as Lee puts all his efforts into his latest project…fire-walking! Tony returns from travelling and Cindy’s shocked by his new, laidback outlook on life – the old, uptight Tony is gone, but for how long?

Tuesday 23rd August

After last night’s kiss, things are strained between Lynsey and Declan. Keen to make amends, Lynsey tries to heal her friendship with Brendan, but a meddling Silas ensures a bigger rift grows between them, making Lynsey even more isolated… A guilt-ridden Amy does everything she can to keep her one night stand with Dodger away from Lee. Meanwhile, Carmel tries and fails to pep up a sullen Bart and Mandy’s concerned with Tony’s new attitude…

Wednesday 24th August

Despite Amy’s best efforts to keep her night of passion with Dodger under wraps, it’s not long before the awful truth comes out… As Lynsey sets a trap to prove Silas is sneaking into the flat, Brendan fears she’s going mad. Not knowing what to believe anymore, Lynsey decides to escape Hollyoaks, but as she leaves, Brendan wonders if Lynsey was right about Silas.  Elsewhere, Mandy and Texas have a close call as they continue to fleece Cindy and Carmel comes up with a provocative new way to raise money for Father Francis – a risqué calendar!

Thursday 25th August

It’s awkward as Bart, Jason and Sinead come face to face when they collect their GCSE results. Keen to impress the older teens, Ruby and Esther throw a party. Maddie and her gang arrive while Sinead turns up but is hurt when she see Jason and Bart together… Meanwhile, ahead of tomorrow’s fire-walking event, Lee ruins his chances of fixing things with Amy and Carmel enlists Darren’s help for her new charity calendar.

Friday 26th August

As the day of Lee’s fire-walking event arrives, Lee readies himself to win Amy back with a romantic gesture. Will he succeed? Dodger is indebted to Cindy when she inadvertently comes to the rescue for Liberty’s 18th. Elsewhere, Jacqui figures out Carmel has a crush on Father Francis and Mandy gives Tony an ultimatum – drop the new age stuff or lose her for good. Will her gamble pay off?