Sad news for 'Neighbours' fans: Dog who plays Audrey loses battle with cancer

The dog who is best known for playing Neighbours pooch Audrey has sadly lost her battle with cancer. The little dog who has played Susan and Karl's doggy since 2001 has been put to sleep after having cancer.

Audrey first appeared in 2001 when Drew and Libby Kirk took it in after Drew found it in a box at his mechanic business. The dog who played it was just eight weeks when it made its show debut and unfortunately lost its battle with cancer earlier today.

Paying tribute to the dog, on-screen owner Alan Fletcher who plays Dr. Karl Kennedy said: ''It was just lovely to have Audrey around, she really did brighten up the set and she made the Kennedys a complete family. She'll be sadly missed by everyone."

Jackie Woodburne, who plays Karl's wife Susan Kennedy also paid tribute to the dog saying: ''When she first joined she was so well-trained that she would only come to us when it was part of the scene. However, it wasn't long before she considered the set her home and us her family [and] she wouldn't hesitate to come over for a pat or cuddle, but she was always the professional.''

Audrey's real-life owner, Christene Powell of Animal actors said that the dog had remained happy and peaceful and had even completed some filming yesterday saying: ''Audrey loved being on the show and I'd like to take this opportunity to remind pet owners not to hesitate to have their pets checked if you suspect something isn't quite right." Audrey's disappearance from the show will be written into the script later this year.

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