Kyle Canning's cousin Dane cast to fill in Kyle's role whilst actor recovers from leg injury

NeighboursAustralian actor Luke Pegler has been cast as Kyle Canning's (Chris Milligan's) cousin Dane Canning in a last minute story change after Milligan injured his leg whilst playing football last week meaning he can't film for six weeks.

Pegler will play Dane Canning who moves in alongside Jade Mitchell (Gemma Pranita) whilst Kyle is off-screen visiting his mother who has taken ill. Channel 5's official Neighbours website have officially confirmed that Pegler will take on the six week guest stint so he can take over Kyle's role in a forthcoming storyline.

Speaking about the last minute change, executive producer for Neighbours Susan Bower said: ''The show must go on. The beauty of Neighbours is we're about families, so we can pull in a cousin or sibling in these very unusual situations." Dane will appear on Australian screens from October and with Susan having previously revealed that a new family are to be gradually introduced, the introduction of Kyle's cousin may be what she previously referred to.


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