Neighbours Episode Synopses for the week from Monday August 15th to Friday August 19th

NeighboursIt feels like Neighbours is coming over all 90's this week with the return of Susan and Karl's oldest child Malcolm ''Mal'' Kennedy as his parents continue to bicker over Susan spending time with terminally ill Jim and over with the Williams, relations between Natasha and Michael are at an all time low. Here's what's happening this week.

Monday 15th August

Having found out that his cancer is terminal and chemotheraphy won't do anything, Jim opts to stop the treatment and enjoy what time he has left. Furious at Jim's decision, Dr. Rhys lets rip at Karl for interfering and realising that Susan his betrayed his trust, Karl confronts his wife who defends her actions leading to an argument between the pair. As they continue to have a dispute, they're shocked when son Mal arrives on their doorstep and he immediately picks up on the tension between his parents. Meanwhile, with Michael still not speaking to Natasha, she seeks comfort at PirateNet where Summer involves her by speaking about the photo scandal live on air but with Michael listening to the show, can he get over what his daughter has done in the past?

Tuesday 16th August

Michael is incensed when Paul Robinson offers him parenting advice. When Tash then breaks down infront of Paul, he lets Michael know what he thinks of his parenting skills. Furious at Paul taking the high road, Michael reveals the truth behind the graffiti but Paul tells him to man up and be a parent. What cost will Michael's hands off approach to parenting have on his relationship with Tash? Sonya works tirelessly at the community garden in a bid to stop it from being sold but she's devastated when the council reveal they're selling it off. Sonya confronts Paul over the community gardens blaming him for the sale but when he gives her another idea, Sonya is pleased as she tells Toadie that she wants to buy the garden.

Wednesday 17th August

Lou gets ready for the launch of his 'Dial-A-Kyle' business but Kyle doesn't like his style of doing things. After Jade appoints him to make a speech, Kyle confides in her his fear of being made look stupid and his friend tries to help him overcome his insecurities however Lou then gives him an ultimatum, make the speech or there is no business. Can Kyle overcome his fears? Sonya decides that she's going to give up her job as a guide dog trainer to fully invest in the community garden and Lucas encourages her however will Toadie bring her back to earth when he realises that their finances can't stretch to purchase the garden?

Thursday 18th August

Jade turns to Kate for help with Kyle and with Kate's support, Kyle is able to overcome his fears and deliver a fantastic speech at lunchtime. Jade becomes jealous at the connection between Kate and Kyle and later on when sparks fly, could Jade's fears come true? Karl and Susan try not to mention Jim but with them continuing to make digs at each other, will their happy front around their friends and Mal last? After bumping into Rhys, Karl is reminded of Susan's betrayal, can they overcome this latest hurdle?

Friday 19th August

Susan lies about work in order to spend time with Jim and is saddened at how lonely he is. While Susan is with Jim, Karl is preparing for their trip away, hoping it can rescue their marriage but when he realises that Susan is using work as a reason not to go, he's angry at her and asks her where she stands. Kate wakes up in Dr Rhys' bed despite not even remembering his name but her mood picks up when Kyle rings her. Meanwhile, she begs Jade not to tell anyone about her night with Rhys. Realising that she could get her man very easily, will Jade betray Kate's  trust?