Hollyoaks Episode Synopses for the week from Monday 15th August to Friday 19th August


Hollyoaks LogoThis week on Hollyoaks, the tension mounts for runaways Bart and Sinead as Jason tracks them down meanwhile Brendan's temper mounts again and Rhys and Jacqui are back to their old tricks.


Monday 15th August

Still on the run, Bart and Sinead face up to the reality of living rough – they’re cold, hungry and penniless, but at least it’s just the two of them. That is…until Jason turns up. Bart is glad of his pal’s help, but Sinead would’ve rather gone hungry.  Keen to keep Bart to herself, Sinead does all she can to send Jason packing… When Silas has heart problems Cheryl compels Lynsey to help him but Lynsey is left all the more unnerved by the wily killer. Elsewhere, Brendan warns Ste away from his son Declan and Terry the dog lands Jacqui and Rhys with a hefty vet bill.

Tuesday 16th August

Bart’s angry to discover Sinead’s attempts to get rid of Jason. But when they’re forced to run away from the police and Sinead hurts herself, Bart softens. Witnessing this tender scene, edged-out Jason is on the verge of leaving but Bart encourages him to stay, much to Sinead’s irritation… Concerned by Lynsey’s Silas fixation, Cheryl tries to talk her friend round. Getting nowhere and deeply frustrated, Cheryl decides to get away for a few days. Meanwhile, Declan’s full of questions for a jumpy Brendan when he learns Ste is gay. Rhys and Jacqui decide to solve their money worries by rigging the pub quiz…


Wednesday 17th August

Sinead’s resentment of Jason grows as she starts to feel like a third wheel.  The trio stumble on an empty farmhouse and go looking for food, but as the tension mounts Sinead and Jason argue and Sinead runs away. Bart is about to chase after her when the owner of the farmhouse arrives and points a gun at him! In Hollyoaks village, Declan’s shocked when he sees Brendan hitting Ste. No longer prepared to put up with Brendan’s violence, Ste threatens to go to the police, but reasons that he won’t if Brendan tells Declan the truth about being gay... Elsewhere, Rhys and Jacqui’s pub quiz scam is unearthed by Jack and Theresa and Liberty can’t bring themselves to open their exam results.


Thursday 18th August

Jason and Bart find themselves locked in the farmhouse cellar. They try to fight their way out but Bart’s put in mortal danger. Fearful he’ll lose his friend, Jason confesses his true feelings for Bart but how will he respond?  Elsewhere, Liberty and Theresa are surprised by their exam results.


Friday 19th August

As Bart and Jason fear for their lives there is only one person who can save them but will Sinead return to set them free?  Ste’s disbelieving as Brendan decides to deny his sexuality by “going straight” and we soon realise he’s got Lynsey pegged as the perfect new wife and mother to Declan. Carmel helps Theresa get ready for her date with Will, but will all run smoothly?



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