Zainab Masood to face fresh trouble at the hands of meddling ex-husband Yusef Khan on BBC1 soap 'Eastenders'

NinaEastenders character Zainab Masood is set to face fresh trauma after her twisted ex-husband Yusef Khan (Ace Bhatti) tries to convince her family that she has attempted to commit suicide, a report has claimed.

In recent weeks, GP Yusef has been seen supplying his ex-wife, played by Nina Wadia with sleeping pills to keep her under his tight control and today it has emerged that Zainab collapses after twisted Yusef ups her dosage before planting a bottle of the pills in her hands to suggest that she has overdosed purposely.

According to the Daily Star Sunday, later this year will see the plot take a dark twist as Yusef slips a bottle of pills into the palm of Zainab's hand leading her worried family to think that Zainab has tried to overdose in a plot to take her own life when they find her unconcious.

And according to the article, Yusef's twisted actions lead Zainab into questioning herself as she begins to wonder if she actually did try to commit suicide after she is unable to remember anything about what happened. This latest twist is part of Yusef's evil plan to lure Zainab back into his arms.

A source for the BBC1 soap told the tabloid: ''Yusef is using his position as a doctor to get her hooked on sleeping pills. He thinks if he can make it look as though she's tried to kill herself, he'll be able to sweep in as her knight in shining armour. He's trying to isolate her from her family so he's the only one in her life."

The show insider added: ''No-one knows what Yusef has been up to and the real danger that Zainab is in. These really are must-see episodes." In an episode aired earlier this year, it was confirmed that the fire in Pakistan which happened in Zainab's past after she left Yusef for Masood was infact set by Yusef himself.